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  1. DieselDrew

    Does anyone else keep their bike in the house?

    I ride mine in the house.
  2. DieselDrew

    dirtbikes safer than ATVs?

    If you ride your quad on two wheels it will be just as safe as a dirt bike.
  3. Yes. It’s a proven fact.
  4. TT is not the only place to say 2T or 4T. It seems like that may be the most common term used by Europeans. Most Americans say stroke or cycle. And since America is the greatest country in the USA that makes us right.
  5. They wanted to call it DirtyTalk to encompass all dirt bikes but that name was already being used for a cyber sex forum.
  6. DieselDrew

    SXS or AXP Skid Plate?

    I am happy with the AXP on my ‘18 300xc. It’s thick! You’d probably be happy with either plate but I went with the AXP because it’s thicker and supposedly easier to install. Here’s a video of a tool I made to change the oil with the skid plate installed. I’m told Slavens has a similar tool on his website for $25.
  7. DieselDrew

    The 300 Club

    I wouldn’t know. They usually just tell me that I am a tool...
  8. DieselDrew

    The 300 Club

    I built this tool and just got to try it out this week. I’ve read many complaints on reviews about guys having to remove skid plates to change their oil, so this was the solution I came up with for my 2018 300 XC with an AXP skid plate from Slavens Racing. Check out the video.
  9. DieselDrew

    Can’t keep my wheelies straight?

    What gear are you trying in? I find going faster makes steering easier since you have more centrifugal force helping you. I don’t shift my weight much. I just pivot at my waist to steer. Slower wheelies are way more difficult in my opinion. But they look so much cooler. They require constant steering corrections for me. Try playing with the tire pressure in your back tire. Some sidewalls will squish way down when all of the weight of the bike and rider is just on one tire and give you extra side to side play that you have to correct for. Bumping up the pressure may reduce that. Keep your eyes on an object way ahead to aim for. No matter which way the bike is drifting. You will tend to go wherever you’re looking. That’s why I never look at the trees along the trail. ;0) It takes a lot of time to get good at it. I’m always skeptical of guys that say they learned how to wheelie over a weekend.
  10. I blur mine because my girlfriend is a hot biker chic and I don’t want anyone to steel her from me.
  11. DieselDrew

    Clutch Engaging

    Did you put the same brand oil in as you had before? I’ve had bikes before where the oil brand made a huge difference in the clutch drag. You can have a perfectly adjusted clutch and the wrong oil will make it drag.
  12. DieselDrew

    The 300 Club

    50:1 with the Klotz when I had it in the bike and in the chainsaw. I switched to Motorex at 60:1 in the bike and am happy with that. Just a tiny bit of spooge on the tailpipe after a long ride. The Klotz would leave a mess after 30 minutes.