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  1. I upgraded to a Ron Hamp R model head with special coated Ti valves 3.5 years ago. Well fast forward, and I have 200 plus hours on the motor. These valves have been great, with only one minor valve adjustment the whole time when the head was new. So my question is, I need to do a piston/ring replace, and want to know what to do with the valves while I have the head off. Since the bike still starts right up, should I leave the valves/head alone and just do the piston/rings, or redue the valves while I have the head off? Thanks
  2. After 3 years, it was time to do my wifes CRF250x again. This time I used better valves so it should last longer. Thank goodness this thread is still up. It saved me hours of research.
  3. New main jet ordered. I assume the air jet is the non removable holes (3 of them) next to the choke plate? Was hoping for symptems of a low or high float, or a stuck float valve? Maybe a rolled O-ring on the air/fuel needle? I assemble it correctly, but it was a little restrictive going in.
  4. I resurrected our seldom used 2005 CRF230f. I cleaned out the carb, changed the gas out of the tank, put in a new pilot jet, and blew out all the lines. It starts right up and idles great (thank you new pilot jet), but it boggs real bad at about 20% idle and it never recovers. This is a problem from the bike sitting I would surmise, so my question is: 1. Float height issue, too low? 2. Main jet plugged (it was solid plugged and I cleaned it, but it still might be partially restricted). 3. Needle jet sticking. 4. Air line blocked? 5. I changed the air filter, but maybe restricted? I searched and searched, but gave up. If any of you can help it would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Just hook it up like it shows in the diagrams. All will be good.P.S. If you really need to know, just look at the wiring diagram for the factory rectifier, they match ground for ground. The DC circuit is grounded through the fan circuit. DC will not work without a ground, but grounding it directly from the rectifier will do nothing for you.
  6. My KTM has 170 hours on it and it is time to freshen it up, even though the valves still have some adjustment left in them. If someone has already done this, you can save me hours of research if you already have a parts list/location to buy already. I don't necessarily need factory parts, but my bike is plenty fast as it is, just looking for longevity. At a minimum I will need the following: Piston rings piston pin piston pin clips timing chain Cam chain tentioner valves valve seals valve cotters valve springs gasket kit water pump seal (starting to weep) That is all I can think of and will send the head out, buy may prebuy the parts so I don't have to wait. Anything else for the engine I didn't think of? Best place to ship off head? Best place to buy KTM parts? Thanks. Lew
  7. ULEWZ

    Desert Run - from Cal City to.......

    Checking in. It turned out to be a 110/111 miler with a few mechanical problems, but a fun ride non-the-less. See you guys next time.
  8. ULEWZ

    Desert Run - from Cal City to.......

    Sarge, see you guys at BBs. Leaving at 5:30am also. Look for a tan GMC truck with a KTM450exc.
  9. ULEWZ

    Quick Clock red wire cutting question

    Thanks, looks like I am good (lithium iron phosphate here also). No free power mod required on a SM me thinks. Always turning higher rpms. Seems there was a downside to the free power mod, but I don't remember what it was (reason I didn't do it earlier).
  10. My wifes 2007 DRZ400SM battery finally gave up the ghost. I bought a MOTY 8 cell and got that installed (cut the front top corner of the battery box so the plug would fit) and everything works great. I have read many posts about the clock draining the battery, which ours does, so I also read to cut the red wire at the harness going into the speedometer head unit. It is an 07 so it only has three wires, red, orange, and black/white. I cut the red wire and secured the ends and the clock still comes on with the key in the ignition and turned on? Is this normal? Should I do anything else?
  11. ULEWZ

    A deal to good to be true?

    Have you ever delt with the military? There is no fricken way he will be able to ship it on a military transport. Maybe a motorcycle, but not a truck. Ask for his COs (commanding officer) name and number for safety sake and call him up. You know this is a scam and should be reported to craigslist and to Ebay.
  12. ULEWZ

    A deal to good to be true?

    Total scam. I was looking at a motorhome and the guy was in the Air Force stationed in Hawaii. Look at the spelling and see if there is a phone number. Not usually with a scam. He will also ask for bank routing info. Run away fast.
  13. ULEWZ

    Motosport Sucks!!!

    9-3/4% in Los angeles.
  14. I have two 661 pressure suits and have noticed that my arms get very tired in them. This is due to the restrictive nature of the arm material requiring me to fight to turn the bars. I ride much better without them, but love the protection.
  15. ULEWZ

    how to inspect intake/exhaust valves.

    If the valves are submirged in their seats, they are cupped. You should be able to snag the valve with your fingernail if good as the valve with stick up a bit. Sounds like you need new intakes and possibly a new piston and rings. Oh, don't put that head back on without a new gasket. Carbon buildup is normal. This is cupped Click Me!