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    DR200 Wont Run

    I bought a whole carb rebuild kit for it. Been really busy and haven't gotten it in yet but hope to tomorrow. Fingers crossed it works. All new jets and gaskets.
  2. NortheastWoodsman

    DR200 Wont Run

    I will go and check that right now as after a few days of starting right up it is back to turning over but not starting with the electric start. I got a batter tender and put it on it so I dont have to worry about a dead battery but I still cant get it going
  3. NortheastWoodsman

    DR200 Wont Run

    Update: So after work today I tried to start it and it started right up and idled fine and I even took it down the road for a spin. Let it sit for several hours and again it started right up. One thing I forgot to mention was that I found gas in the air filter after we had done the carb cleaning and it had died. We dried it out and kept running it with the same results. I don't know maybe the cleaning did the trick I just needed to let it sit for a little while and I rushed it. I also don't know when the gas got there. If it was old or if it was from when I took the carb out. I am going to try that trick with the wd40 tomorrow. I also plan on buying a carb rebuild kit and going through and replacing a bunch of the internals and giving it a more in depth cleaning but for now it seems to be working again just fine. Thanks for the input
  4. NortheastWoodsman

    DR200 Wont Run

    Hey guys. I am totally new to this forum and to the world of motorcycles (well I've ridden them but never worked on them). I have seen a few similar problems in other threads however I am what you could call mechanical un-inclined. So basically I could understand most of the reply's. So if anyone has a ultra baby step solution to this problem I would be greatly appreciative. Okay so here's the deal. I just bought (yesterday) a 1997 Suzuki DR200 that I planned on using as a get around town and exploring bike as a pretty beginner rider. When I bought it it ran great. When I got it home yesterday it ran just fine. When I tried to start it this morning it wouldn't go. It was turning over but not firing. So I pushed it down the street to a friends house who is pretty good with bikes. I live on a hill so on the way down I was able to bump start it and it ran perfect until I got to his driveway and stopped then it stalled. So we took the Carb off and cleaned the jets and put it back on and it started right up. I took if down the road and back and noticed it idled to low so it would stall if you didn't give it throttle. We turned the idle up but then it was so high that it would basically keep going in second gear with no throttle added. So we turned it back down but once again it died. This time it would not start and we killed the battery. We tried several times to bump start it with no positive results. So we pushed it up the hill and on the fourth try it worked and proceeded to bump start every time after than. But the problem still remained. We drove around and got the battery back to where we could start it with the electric start but it still wouldn't idle. And now it seems like it takes forever to come down to idle, like I will release the throttle and it will keep on going. I am at a complete loss as I have no clue how to work on bikes. Heck I don't even know what half the parts are used for or called when I see them in other posts. Basically can someone explain this so an idiot like me can understand? Also I see that there is a place labeled kick starter but no kick starter. That would sure be nice to have. It there any way that one can be added? Really any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a ton.