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    Dr350 1991 Wont start even with starting spray

    I did install new spark and it did fire up two days in a row. Fuel gets to carb, when turning drain screw fuel comes out. I cleaned the carb but now its not even spinning. Rubber boots have been checked but cant find any holes or damage. Air filter looks good and is oiled. But now it doesnt give a single explosion with fuel in the cylinder or starting spray. But does spark up when outside the spark hole, could it be the spark boot? Found some otherguy having a problem that the wire/boot when bent, didnt work, gave a spark outside but not inside. Ill buy a new boot tomorrow and see. The wire should be fine 'cause it came with the new coil.
  2. Daemian Teemu Stenroos

    Dr350 1991 Wont start even with starting spray

    Hey, New to here but just bought a cheap DR350 -91 and it did start but now is refusing to fire up or even cough. -around 100psi compression (only a cheap compression meter with rubber end so not super accurate). -spark looks good when out of the hole and grounded to frame. -put fuel down the spark plug hole (tried 0.5 and 1ml), plug back in and kicked, nothing. -tried starting spray and nothing. bought new coil and it started two days in a row, then went one day without and now its dead again. sorry, not native to english, dont know the technical terms, Yet. its kickstart only.