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  1. MI Dirt Biker

    Update on Terry Miller?

    I called Web Cams last week and they are offering grinds in the ST profiles. I was also thinking of going with the ST1.5 but maybe not. Anyone else have issues with this version?
  2. MI Dirt Biker

    Cam Specs .... Why Not....

    Mixxer was spot on, I emailed Hotcams and they are discontinuing this cam. BTW - It's a cast part.
  3. MI Dirt Biker

    Think I am screwed!

    Ok, I'll take a look at your porting guide when you post. I also checked out your build on the Shop Notebook thanks to Red Mesa. I'll be off the grid until after the 1st of the year so I won't be responding for awhile, getting ready to head up to the camp with little cell coverage for a few days. When I get back, I want to pull the motor and get going on the mods.
  4. MI Dirt Biker

    Think I am screwed!

    Live in Lapeer and have a family hunting camp/cabin in Harrison not too far from the Leota trailhead if you are familiar with that area. Yeah, I'm leaning pretty heavily towards the Athena kit, with the added advantage of having a spare cylinder for future use. As far as the cam, I'd like to maintain a similar powerband that I currently have on the bike with it uncorked/rejetted. I really like the low end grunt the bike has for the type of riding I do, mainly trail. I just want more of it including mid range. I heard a lot guys preferring that type of powerband recommending the Webcam mc402 or whatever it is designated at these days, so I was thinking of going with that cam. As far as the porting, if I'm DIY is that me pulling out a Dremel or taking it to a local shop? I do have quite a bit machining experience, but I don't want to make a paperweight out of it since I don't have a ton of 4T mod'ing experience. If it's just a polish and clean-up, I'm pretty sure I can handle that. I hear matching the intake is also a benefit. Please provide more info. on the porting for DIY it that's what you meant. I'm already running the Procom and I tried a Powering with the recommended main jet and did not like how it changed the powerband (less low, more mid and high), so I went back to the stock muffler with silencer removed. I messed around with number of rings but never got it dialed in how I like it. I didn't really do a thorough job as I got it last Fall and the weather here turned cold and snowy in mid October so ran out of time as the bike is sitting on the stand until spring, so I plan to try again in the spring. I've not tried a different carb. yet. I've looked over the threads on the OKO PWK28 but seems like a lot of aggravation before getting it dialed in. BTR recommended that carb mod before doing any of the engine mods. I'm going to go into the opposite order and probably consider a carb mod after the above is done. Does the carb. you recommend use the same airbox and intake connections that are on the 230? Also thinking of throwing a 150f flywheel on it as well.
  5. MI Dirt Biker

    Think I am screwed!

    Mild engine mods. Add a Cam, larger bore/HC piston and porting. I plan on doing all this work myself, just need to send off the cylinder head and cylinder to have the machining work done. I've read a bunch of comments on porting for the 230 paying particular care to the intake side only and would rather send it to someone that has experience with that motor. As far as the cylinder I can take that to a local reputable bike shop in my area or I could go with the Athena kit that comes with the cylinder. Seems the cost is pretty close to a wash. I too have done a few top end rebuilds on 2Ts, but never tried to hone my own cylinders. I'll do all the work I can but know my weaknesses and will seek help or buy that service if I don't think I can tackle it. I like to spend more time riding these days as I have a couple of boys that still like to ride and do stuff with me. Yes, they do all their own maintenance and are involved with any mod's to their bikes. I commend everyone that has the skills or gains the knowledge to do their own work. It is definitely becoming a dying breed. The line of work I do, I try to look at the interviewees hands to see how gnarly they look. The dirtier, stained, dirt under the nails the better or a willingness to learn for the inexperienced. Thanks to all for the recommendations!
  6. MI Dirt Biker

    Think I am screwed!

    So at the moment it seems like Terry is not an option and even if he is back in business seems like he will need to build his reputation (not quality of work but commitment and delivery) back up . Unfortunately for me, I'm getting into the 230 now and would like to do some engine mods and based on some of the threads I read, Terry would have been the guy to do this work. Anyone have any experience with work performed by Engines Only? Just wondering how his turnaround time is and quality or work. Any other options out there?
  7. MI Dirt Biker

    Trails for New Riders

    Is there a site I can visit to see when Evart will be open? The Friday morning before Labor day, my oldest and I talked with a group of guys in the parking lot at Leota and they had relocated from Evart due to the storm, downed trees and power outages. The Leota area was hit hard and mostly out of power but the trails didn't have too many trees down and they just graded it so it was a good riding. I try to stay away from the trails on holiday weekends, a little too much traffic for my liking.
  8. MI Dirt Biker

    Trails for New Riders

    RX and 501, thanks for the input. Good point on the two way traffic, I as well always lead. I think I like the single track for him to try first. He has all of the safety gear and we will probably go pretty slow with him initially. BTW I see 501 you have a Beta XTrainer. I may PM you to get some feedback. I might be interested in one for next year.
  9. MI Dirt Biker

    michigan Trails for New Riders

    I have a camp near Harrison, MI and looking for some trail recommendations for new riders. Just getting back into riding and getting my kids riding also. My oldest son and I ride Leota quite a bit and like it especially the north half of the west loop. I haven't taken my 13 yo son there due to the sand, he just doesn't have the confidence yet. Yeah, I know good luck finding trails without sand. I'd like to get him some trail experience with a little firmer trail surfaces. Any suggestions within an hour-ish drive from Harrison?
  10. MI Dirt Biker

    Procom CDI Review

    Anyone been able to get a Procom CDI (P/N: PE-C-MHXR/CRF-A ) to work on an '09 150f? According to the Procom website only works for '03 - '05. From Procom website: "PROCOM Performance CDI For: Honda XR50, XR70, XR80, XR100, CRF150F 03-05 & CRF230F (All Years) increases the rev limit to 10,000 RPM. In addition, this unit offers a re-mapped timing curve which yields a noticeable increase to horsepower and torque over the stock CDI."
  11. MI Dirt Biker

    Crf230f camshaft options help

    Are you talking about the re-jetting or swapping out the OE carb for something else?
  12. MI Dirt Biker

    Crf230f camshaft options help

    Well I've been reading up on performance mods for the 230. I've done the uncorking, suspension (Bruce damper/springs & Hagon shock), Procom CDI and it's fun to ride as is but I looking for more out of my 230. BTW, I noticed there is not much of a choice out there for rear shocks now. I looked at another cam post, https://thumpertalk.com/forums/topic/1117769-best-cam-crf-230f-technical-riding/, and I have settled on the 340/402 Webcams cam with either a high compression stock bore piston or one of the 67mm high compression piston options (BBR or Aethena) for the type of riding I do. I plan on using the stock carb., header pipe and muffler. I'm trying for now to keep the stock look of bike. I've noted the recommended changes to the intake port and header pipe previously discussed. I plan to do this over the winter but want to start looking for the parts now and locate a reputable shop for performing the bore/hone and porting/valve work. Anyone have any recommended shops to send out the head and cylinder to in Michigan? If not, I can always send them out, I see Frank at EO and Terry Miller discussed a lot. Any others out there you guys use? Thanks.
  13. I just uncorked and rejetted a 230 and a 150 a few months back. I used a tach ($20 from Amazon) because I didn't have a good enough ear to distinguish a difference like some others can. Start with some initial value say 1 1/2 turns out. Set the normal idle around 1400 RPM (spec) you could set it a little lower as long as the bike won't stall. I did this all prior to warming up the bike prior to the final adjustment including a clean air filter. Then like Guy stated, warm up the bike by riding, get it on a stand level and then turn in the fuel screw 1/8 turn at a time (allow a few seconds after each turn increment to stabilize) until you see the bike stumble (RPM goes lower) and then turn it out 1/8 turn at a time until you see the RPM go back up, keep going out until the RPM goes back down. The peak rpm is where you want to set it. I only saw around an 80 -150 RPM swing while doing this from what I remember. As stated in previous posts, if this takes more than a couple of minutes, go cool the bike off by riding for a few minutes and repeat until you get it set correctly. Your 1st attempt you should be able to find the peak. Then it's easy from there as on the next try you should be able to confirm the peak. I also had to go up in slow jet sizes for both bikes because I used the Kouba ext. fuel screw and it was recommended that it is not over 2 1/2 turns out as it can possibly back out due to vibration. With the initial recommended jet size from the Sticky, I was over the Kouba 2 1/2 turns out limit with my bike, altitude, fuel, etc. Once your happy with the setting, then you can set the normal idle back to the spec. point or where you like it. Record the setting somewhere (piece of tape on the inside of one of the side panels) in case you need to adjust on the fly in the trail.
  14. Here's a link (found it somewhere on this site) I used after uncorking and rejetting for adjusting the fuel screw. A tach comes in handy for performing this adjustment. Fuel Screw Adjustment
  15. MI Dirt Biker

    230 woods weapon over beta, Sherco, husky

    Sometimes it's better to ask the question again if you can't find with searching, even if you do there could be new and improved info. available.