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  1. Tom Harry

    Montana Riders!

    Where do you ride? I'm down near Missoula looking to get out one of these weekends.

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    Freshly built engine from XR's Only. Oversized valves, bigbore kit, dynamically balanced rotating assembly, new 40mm pumper carb, new chain and sprockets, new anodized wheels, new oversized fuel tank, new radiators, new pro taper bars, new grips, new gps system, new XR's Only race pipe and header, new high output stator. I have a pile of parts as well, extra wheels, fuel tanks, saddle packs, exhaust, linkage bushings, stock carburetor, stock piston, stock cam. Bike has two tanks of fuel through it since the build. Engine work and parts were over 7k Selling for $5,500


    Missoula , Montana

  3. Tom Harry

    Show your PIG

    Took her out for the first ride of the year.
  4. Tom Harry

    Parts arrived today!

    Yeah it is.
  5. Tom Harry

    Parts arrived today!

    It's a 102mm piston with oversize valves and xrs only hrc copy cam. 11:1 comp with a 40mm mikuni pumper. The instructions with the mikuni say its jetted for a stock motor. Mj 145 Pj 20
  6. Tom Harry

    Parts arrived today!

    Western Montana. Got it put back together today and went for a short test ride. It ran well, started easy and idled fine (new 40mm mikuni) but didn't really pull as hard as expected. I'm taking it easy for the break in of the cam and piston. I'll fiddle with the needle and jetting this weekend. If anyone has any advice on jetting with 102mm piston, oversize valves and hrc copy cam I'd really appreciate it.
  7. Tom Harry

    Parts arrived today!

    Time to put her back together. Now if i can just remember where all the nuts n bolts go... lol
  8. Tom Harry

    Home made oil sight tube designs?

    10 bucks at the hardware store. The shop towel with the aluminum shavings and gasket particles was placed under the drain and filter holes to catch the debris while flushing. I was surprised by the amount of debris. My only advice would be to flush the hell out of it and don't forget the oil screen!
  9. Tom Harry

    Show your PIG

    Thats a nice looking bike! How do you like the tires in the dirt?
  10. Tom Harry

    Bent radiators.

    I just pulled a huge acerbis fuel tank off of my 650r and found some seriously deformed radiators underneath. Is this a normal "mod" or was the previous owner a nut? The bends are far too uniform to be accidentally done. I just can't imagine myself torquing on perfectly good radiators hard enough to create such a bend. I found it funny and was wondering what you guys think.
  11. Tom Harry

    Montana Riders!

    Does anyone ride around Missoula? I'm new to the area and want to do some riding this summer. Any advice would be great. Thanks!
  12. Tom Harry

    Show your PIG

    I'm going to put the bags and tank up for sale. Going to a 4.3 gal.
  13. Tom Harry

    Show your PIG

    Picked it up two days ago. It's too slow so the engine is off to get the 102mm piston, ported head with bigger valves and HRC copy cam. Hopefully it rips when I get it back together!