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  1. motoxxx-Dave

    I can't believe she rode this out...

    NICE, she saved that..Must take after her brother.
  2. motoxxx-Dave

    CrAziEsT rYthEM SEcTion EVER!!

    That is an awesome track. Great Video. Thanks.
  3. motoxxx-Dave

    Hill climb vid

    Does anyone make it up that hill, they don't make them easy do they.
  4. motoxxx-Dave

    Gorman Ca. I-5 Track...

    Nice, It's an awesome track. Have Fun.
  5. motoxxx-Dave

    What up Everyone...Long time no Chat..

    Working on a new shoot for you guys, should be in about a week or so.
  6. motoxxx-Dave

    What up Everyone...Long time no Chat..

    Not much, working my buns off, riding when I can. Just stopped by to say hi.
  7. motoxxx-Dave

    Gorman Ca. I-5 Track...

    Does anyone ride there? I've been going a lot lately, would love to meet some of you guys if you end up riding there.
  8. Just stopping by to say hello... Hope everyone is doing well. -=Dave
  9. I'll put one up tomorrow on the MotoChat.com servers for you. So everyone can see it, thanks for trying.
  10. Works for me, you may be blocked by the xxx in motoxxx.
  11. Enjoy. http://www.motoxxx.com/images/36.jpg
  12. motoxxx-Dave

    Went to the FMX show

    Sucks to say, but I agree. How much further can you push the sport now.
  13. motoxxx-Dave

    Perty good footage of 80 ft double

    Nice Video
  14. motoxxx-Dave

    Couple of Anaheim II Shots

    You think..sick shots. Nice.
  15. This Saturday the 20th? I will be there, lets meet up. Don't mind the cold, it was 32 Degrees last Saturday and I didn't even feel it.