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  1. You ever take it off any sweet jumps?
  2. bikersandm

    Power valve springs are the same as KTM

    The stiffer the spring (green) the slower the valve will take to reach full open. The power will be more linear. The OEM is the most aggressive (lighter) spring, even lighter than the red spring from the kit, it can be compressed between fingers. The OEM spring results in the power valve opening very quickly to full open at around 5-6k rpm. One thing to note is regardless of the spring, your total power output remains the same, however, the torque and power curve will change. If you are doing more east coast rock/root slower moving technical riding the green is preferable. Wide open fire roads and desert would be great for OEM or red spring.
  3. bikersandm

    Power valve springs are the same as KTM

    I was pretty surprised at how light the OEM spring is. What did you end up going with?