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  1. 01 200exc new Keihin pwk w/JD kit currently at 40pj-Blue Needle, 185 main. Air screw over 2 turns out, current thought is drop to a 38 and if that isn’t the cure, moving the needle one notch cleaner 38pj about to go in. Also got Allen head screws to put in. thanks to the oversized tank, it’s not as quick of a job as it should be. Also had a moment where I went through all the work to find out I had the wrong style of pilot on one attempt
  2. people at the very extremes of the curve tend to be different.
  3. Basics-Verify Spark, Verify fuel (at the bowl and usually a plug will look wet if its getting gas to the engine sat for a few months, fresh gas can only help
  4. There is always going to be outliers, but I feel pretty confident in the statement that 4 speed old yz450's are the worst. Some may tie for as bad, but not many MX bikes worse. And Im talking tight single track, not 30mph single track
  5. Speaking of 700ml, I bought one of those bad ass motion pro funnels. Began pouring oil in it and straight out of it as I didnt have the valve closed. fortunately all over the floor and I noticed it quick.
  6. I think because for the same amount of $, he can get a bike that does the job better
  7. Pretty common to snip off a half inch and retwist on the cap.
  8. If you are willing to spend 7500 on a bike, open your search area. A 4hr drive is nothing for a bike you’ll have for a few years
  9. I put a new Keihin and JD jetting per recommendation. Positively rips except for the very bottom end seems rich. Dropped the 45 pilot for a 40 but haven’t had a chance to test yet. It was great to feel the 200 breath fire on the top end for once. Revs and pulls through gears like it’s a close ratio tranny instead of an exc
  10. Swapped in a new Keihin 38 pwk into my 200exc from JD Jetting. Mid to top range is now incredible but it sputters on the very bottom. Ordered a 40 and 42 pj to see if I could crisp it up. Thanks KR4L After 2 laps around the block, I pulled in and noticed antifreeze seemingly everywhere. Due to the proximity (everywhere), I’m leading down the road of a hose leak. I noticed a couple weeks ago what appeared to be antifreeze on my stand after a rip, but never anything more. High pressure in the hoses at high rpm? No issues last ride which was a 4 hr single track excursion . No leaks on the garage floor
  11. I think he may have misspoke
  12. Doubt the motor would even run if it was retarded 15degrees over other years.
  13. AxlBundy


    Mine was an 05 4sp that essentially had no first gear. And then it was every carbed 450 stereotype in one unit. Really made me question if this was even fun. Lugging that bike meant either imminent stall, or the next fire was going to send me Mach one into whatever was ahead. im not against them whatsoever, I’ve had the cc out about to do it. Such a different experience going from 450 4sp to 200exc. Took me awhile to gain the trust of riding a gear high and lug. Gained a ton of speed and took far less effort. If a rekluse can be dialed into that fine line, even better
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