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  1. Today will be the first day back at work.
  2. My bike will be sitting for the better part of the summer while I recover from clavicle surgery. I'll go out every once in awhile and start mine. With yours just sitting for a month if should be OK. If you want added protection add some stabilizer to the fuel. I recommend amsoil fuel system cleaner and stabilizer.
  3. Lesson learned. But now I got some new hardware. Can't wait to see the x-ray at post op in two weeks.
  4. Practice, and ride within the skill level. Don't let his friends gf peer pressure him into jumping his new bike that he hasn't even owned for 48hrs and crash and break his collar bone. That's what happend to me. Now 6-8 weeks no riding...
  5. I have a set of Kenda K760 trackmasters I'm going to install on my bike once I get better.
  6. It was a success. Titanium plate and 8 screws later. Woke up with almost no pain this morning.
  7. Getting ready this morning.
  8. Surgery is scheduled for tomorrow. I had my pre-op yesterday. Gf is bring down to St. Mary's in Duluth after work today. Buddy who crashed his quad also has surgery tomorrow but he's going to be over in St. Luke's hopstial in Duluth. Hopefully I'll feel good enough after my surgery to go see him since I'll only be a few miles from him.
  9. Looking forward to starting the real healing process. This waiting sucks.
  10. Surgery scheduled for Wednesday next week. Pre-op Monday. Fun stuff...
  11. I've asked serveral people and they all say the same thing. Get the surgery done and have Hibbing pay for it. Could have a class action suit against them. My buddy who wrecked his wheeler discovered he also has 2 broken ribs and a blown disc in his lower back that they didn't find or disclose from his visit at the Hibbing hospital.
  12. It's been about 2 and a half weeks since my dirt bike accident which left me with a broken right collar bone. I went to the Hibbing hospital after the accident where they took X-rays, gave me a genaric sling, and told me the break should just heal in 6-8 weeks. Well apparently no one at Hibbing knew the break was so sever, and I really should of been put in a different immobilizer, or went to surgery. The orthopedic surgeon looked at the X-rays they took today and said the bone is healing very over lapping and there is actually a section that had broken off and was just chilling inside there. He said surgery might not be a bad idea, and would reverse what's already started to heal. Crappy deal is I'd start the healing process all over again. If I decide to just let it heal my right shoulder will be more forward from my left one. Causing improper posture, and possibly limited mobility of my right arm. Man this sucks!
  13. Second round of X-rays today. Look to be healing...
  14. Someone wasn't hugged when they were a child I guess.
  15. Got me a proper riding jersey. Still need more safety gear and maybe some training wheels.