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  1. phatspeed7x

    New to the world of CRF150F.

    Carl got some new parts today! Before and after pics.
  2. phatspeed7x

    New to the world of CRF150F.

    Went with some Pro Taper red SE bars with the Henry/Reed bend and some pillow top grips. Will see them tomorrow.
  3. phatspeed7x

    New to the world of CRF150F.

    Need some new bars. Bent the stock steel ones. Thinking of going with the pro taper se bar. Good choice? I like the price point.
  4. phatspeed7x

    Joined the Chinese pit bike squad.

    Turned out to be a faulty battery. So I got a new one coming. Miss riding.
  5. Need to straighten my front wheel. Saw a video on how to. Anyone have the torque specs for the lower triple clamp bolts and axle pinch bolts on a 2004 Honda CRF150F?
  6. Went out for a short ride tonight. Things were going well until I got crossed up on a four wheeler ruts and tucked the front end. Went down kinda hard on the left side of the bike. I smashed my left hand into the dirt hurting my index finger. Nothing broken on me luckily. Bars bent and forks got twisted in the triple clamp. Clutch lever survived. Rode home slowly, put bike away, washed my hand, and iced it for awhile. Back to square one... Don't think I feel comfortable riding for awhile. Really need to get the new tires installed. I know the front end tucked because it basically no tread left. Trail was just enough loose gravel it went down so quick. Don't think I would of saved it even with new tires. So many questions... At least I didn't land on my right side. Collar bone is healed but I don't wanna land on it again.
  7. phatspeed7x

    Joined the Chinese pit bike squad.

    Starter relay died! Going to have to order a new one. At least they are cheap. Sucks no kick start backup.
  8. phatspeed7x

    Joined the Chinese pit bike squad.

    I'm quickly learning that threadlocker is your #1 tool you'll need when owning a Chinese pit bike. [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  9. phatspeed7x

    Joined the Chinese pit bike squad.

    Gave the little guy an oil change and rode it around. Plenty of power. It's just weird not shifting it. It's basically a 2 wheel go cart. Was able to squeeze this out of it.
  10. phatspeed7x

    New to the world of CRF150F.

    Installed the new shifter. And he also got a smaller brother this week too!
  11. phatspeed7x

    Joined the Chinese pit bike squad.

    Looks way better now.
  12. phatspeed7x

    Joined the Chinese pit bike squad.

    Picked up a gentle used Coolster 110cc 213a. It's the model with the go kart style automatic and electric start only. Paid only $300 for it. Got everything with it. Guy bought it for his son but quickly out grew it. It's the same size as the crf50f. Plastics and some parts interchange. It will be a little spare bike for just putting around with.
  13. phatspeed7x

    New to dirt bikes

    Welcome to thumpertalk.com. Run good 91 octane in it. Keep the chain lubed. Wear a helmet. Enjoy!
  14. The final product. The bone has pretty much healed all the way with the help of the titanium plate and 10 screws. Doc told me I can resume normal activities and slowly work back to getting 100%. He said take it slow and if it causes pain stop. Don't over do it. Use your head. Pain level has been pretty much zero for the last few days even with light lifting.
  15. Nice. I saw and commented on the video before I even saw this thread. Hope to get mine installed in the next few weeks. Super excited!