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    02 KTM 200EXC newbie for the newbies

    I found out today I have a Gnarly pipe. Your used one is a 38? what mods do you have? Bike? What Rod did you end up using? I am going to steer clear of the HV. I do think however the 38 legacy is the item for me.
  2. Nicholas Aston

    02 KTM 200EXC newbie for the newbies

    Man I am &%$#@!ing dead set on the Lectron. I will get the 38 if it comes as recommended as you suggest, it seems like the horror stories are all from people who bought a used one and try to make it work or didn’t follow the instructions they were given when they bought it. It also seems like something that the SX owners are not as fond of. They complain about the linear power curve, the EXC as you know, already has that. I will be paying almost $125+ less than that to get it brand new. I may go down that road later and sell my set up, I’d probably doubt it. I need to work that mid range harder and I am too much of a noob to have the beast come alive on me in our tiny singletrack trails. I have 12 other bikes that are carbureted, I’m competent enough at jetting.... But the reliability wants set up really really appeals to me, this bike is my “work every time so I don’t kill myself/ can go trail riding with the guys on Sunday” bike.
  3. Nicholas Aston

    02 KTM 200EXC newbie for the newbies

    Yeah I’m still a little on the fence but I see people singing praises of the Slavens Mule... and that’s exactly what the 38HV is. Same carburetor. I just want the best bang for my buck in the most ease of use
  4. Nicholas Aston

    02 KTM 200EXC newbie for the newbies

    I have not seen a spot on the forum for builds yet so I figured I would post in here!! IMG_8842.HEIC This is my first KTM and I am relatively new to trail riding! Came off a zrx 1200 on the street too a KD80,KDX80, and a KX60 on the trails The 200EXC is just amazing!!! It has so much low-end, the suspension just chews a trail up. It’s perfect the way it is!! That being said, I never leave anything of mine alone ever. My bike came with a very old wolf racing CDI box (so old that the manufacturer cannot even give me specs) it also had bar risers installed... Did my best to evenly lower the front and back of the bike as much as I could so I was able to touch the ground easier and get enough leverage so I can kick the bike over without leaning it up against a tree IMG_9083.HEICIMG_9084.HEIC Started digging into modifications and came up with a game plan: •VForce3 reeds/block •milled head •FMF chamber(haven’t decided on gnarly or fatty. I will also keep the factory hockey stick muffler. It’s quiet enough and has a very similar design to the turbine core. • when it is time for a top end rebuild I will likely send the cylinder out to be ported This modification is a little more controversial... •Lectron carb I picked up an older used one off of a KX500.IMG_9038.HEIC Ended up ordering the metric cable threader, and 3-2M rod. Still needed a domino style throttle cable to make it fit... after My 20th email to the manufacturer I was told that I wouldn’t likely need an update and a rebuild if I didn’t want a bunch of trouble tuning it...GREEEAAAT. So out of frustration I told him I might as well just sell the thing if I’m going to have to spend another $250:/ The service representative’s response was awesome, he told me: “Just sell that carburetor and I will sell you a new one at dealer cost (20%off)” 10 minutes later the carburetor was sold. Posted on the 200 club Facebook group and got a myriad of different suggestions... 36mm is what is recommended, it seems like the people least impressed with any sort of gains are those people. They do say the grunt is better Others have a 38 and love it. Said the bottom is the same but the top has more. The manufacture suggested I steer clear of this. They have a new high velocity 38 that is a tapered bore so it is 36 at the back. This one they recommended to me, a few other guys who had the same carburetor absolutely love it. One guy however recommended I get a 40mm he is a drag racer however, I think I will stick with the 38HV so they don’t give me a bunch of crap when I message them about tuning after modifications. I will be posting my thoughts and experiences on this bike and these modifications! Things my bike currently needs: •A rear tube!~ I will knock that off the list this week •Quite possibly a fork rebuild! * did the homemade seal Dr. six, haven’t seen much of a mess. I know that they are leaving little rings when compressed so I would imagine they are needed
  5. Nicholas Aston

    Chinese KTM 105SX clone

    How much did it cost you and how did you acquire one? Never mind I read how much it costs
  6. Nicholas Aston

    Early KDX 80 help- newbie too TT

    It did not have an air filter, just a big piece of foam zip tied over the top of the airbox. I installed a Uni pod filter, went up to a 145 Main. Runs like a beast, pretty sure the clutch is slipping. Front sprocket is toast, Output shaft desperately needs a gasket, now that the kick lever and shift lever finally came off, I can get to fixing it. I may end up just selling it as I have a 2002 KTM Now
  7. Nicholas Aston

    99 KX60 not reaching last 3k rpms

    The bike has been sitting for four years and had 20 hours on a top and bottom end rebuild(with receipts) The car was filthy so I cleaned it using Berrymans carb dip, a sonic cleaner, and compressed air. It kind of runs like it has a clogged main shit ass only causes it to falling out to Rich. If you use have to call however and roll it on as the RPMs go up you can get it to hit its power band and about halfway through it, it four strokes. I will be ordering a carburetor rebuild kit just to be thorough. I put some fresh gas and a new spark plug in it and it is no easier to start nor is the problem fixed. I have yet to check the reeds on it. (I am the same guy with the beat up green KDX 80 that has a face. It is doing something similar, so I’m hoping that in solving the issue on this bike you can help me be efficient on fixing the other) Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. My 12-year-old daughter is going to be here for the summer and I would like nothing more than to get her riding ASAP!!!
  8. Nicholas Aston

    Early KDX 80 help- newbie too TT

    I apologize for the typing errors as I was using voice text! The Bike wants to kick over first kick when it’s cold, when it’s warm however it needs a few kicks (soooo running rich?). I ordered a bunch of parts which include clutch plates, an owners/service manual, stock main jet, exhaust donut,and the clutch cover gasket. As I previously stated this bike leaks a lot of oil. Took it out trail riding and had an absolute riot even with its issues! However after an hour of riding, it decided it wanted to piss Oil. The first picture is from my bike sitting there for about five minutes The second picture is after I had noticed all of the screws on the right side cover we’re not even hand tight and did my best to crank them down with available tools. The bike probably sat in that position for 10 minutes and not a single leak (minus gas-PO rebuilt the carb at some point and messed with the float height) lastly, as I’m sure you’ll notice... I felt like the number plate needed repaired and a proper number installed
  9. Nicholas Aston

    Early KDX 80 help- newbie too TT

    So I leaned out the mixture screw and it stopped for stroking as much, when I am ripping down the street under heavy throttle it’s pretty smoky I imagine the manger is too large as I think it’s a 15x It’s a massive jet! I’ll try leaving it out a little bit more and seeing if it affects it, I don’t want to squeak the engine though!!!
  10. Nicholas Aston

    Early KDX 80 help- newbie too TT

    Hello everyone I’m new here to thumper talk! Without getting too heavy into backstory: Recently got back on the dirt trail riding, I had just completed a build on a 1975 Suzuki GT 185 ( with a really nice set of $800 chambers from the UK) and my work buddy with a KD 80 got me to go trail riding, I don’t know why I did not think of the repercussions before I hopped on and rode out to the trail. After two hours I was thoroughly shocked as it would’ve been too expensive to drop Cherry little GT!! Anyway it’s sold and I immediately ran out and bought some old 80s An 87 KD80 ( I will post about that down the road I’m sure) And a trio of 1981 KDX 80S One of them being rideable and the other two parts bikes Fires right up and ribs really hard and less you give it full throttle, it breaks up a little bit on the power band, when you hit third or fourth gear and the power band hits all that happens is the clutch slips ( or at least feels like it) It’s kind of leaky and when I say kind of I mean extremely so I wanted to get a gasket set for it, no dice!! In a perfect world I would’ve gotten 86 But I just needed something I could thrash and then send off to its new home to be thrashed Here is why I am posting I think it may need a bottom and rebuild and I cannot find gaskets for the first generation I have seen multiple posts in multiple places recommending different stock jetting sizes as well as stating they were to lean to begin with where do I start?