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  1. MixinGasKickinAss

    Did you read about.....

    Are you speculating that 2020 beta will have FI?
  2. MixinGasKickinAss

    Adding a speedo/hour meter to XC 300?

    Is it possible to add a trail tech or something similar to a 2018 XC 300?if so Will a need an all new wiring harness for the bike? Or can it just wire right into the battery?
  3. MixinGasKickinAss

    Please help me decide on a new Beta

    2018 with KYB forks?
  4. MixinGasKickinAss

    Wrap around hang guards for KLX 140

    No mods at all. Open the box and put them on. They’re a bit spendy I think around 100$ I can’t remember
  5. MixinGasKickinAss

    What do you do for endurance for riding?

    You should see if your gym will let you bring your bike in and ride in on the treadmill or if they have an indoor track see if you can do some race laps on that. If not, then it’s probably pointless to even go to the gym.
  6. MixinGasKickinAss

    What do you do for endurance for riding?

    Yes I know. That’s why I agreed with you that nothing is going to compare to doing the actual activity. But then you suggested sprints to get out of the comfort zone. So your comparing sprints to riding/racing dirt bikes? The fact is proper rowing will get you way more out of your comfort zone then sprinting ever will. Which is what my original comment was all about, suggesting rowing as an exercise to get someone out of their comfort zone to build endurance. But of course you had to argue with it. I get it, you thrive on internet arguments. I’m out of this thread.
  7. MixinGasKickinAss

    What do you do for endurance for riding?

    HIIT increases your VO2 max which increases long term endurance. No amount of sprints is going to compare to sprints on a rowing machine unless you are pushing a prowler sled or sprinting up steep hills. 10,000 m sub 40 min is good but nothing to brag about. Try doing intervals with a 1:30 split time. I agree with you that nothing is going to compare to doing the actual activity for as long as you’d be riding but nobody is going to run or do any type of exercise for several hours. Sprints on a rowing machine vs sprints (without a sled or steep hills), rowing is going to win every time. Distances on a rowing machine vs distances running, the rowing machine will win every time. I’ve been conditioning for sports and competitions (including 1/2 and full marathons) for a long time. I know what works. OP do your own research but in the meantime just get out and exercise. And the rowing machine isn’t very noisy. It sounds like a loud fan with each stroke. You can’t hear it outside of the room you’re in.
  8. MixinGasKickinAss

    2019 GasGas EC Ranger

    How is the torque compared to an 18’ EC or XC 300?
  9. MixinGasKickinAss

    What do you do for endurance for riding?

    I use a rowing machine. Best single exercise I’ve ever done. (If you’re doing it right) you work your entire body while doing the most intense cardio you can imagine. You can go as hard or as easy as you want. You can make every stroke feel like a max effort power clean or you can just go slow and steady, you get out of it what you put into it. Also training your body for explosiveness and power. The possibility of burning 1,000 cals an hour all while saving your knees from running. I powerlifted competitively for almost 10 years and ran ~50 miles per week in the marines and only within the last 1 I’ve started rowing and it’s the best shape/conditioning I’ve ever been in. rowing machines aren’t cheap but they’re worth it and you can put it in any room in your house. You can fold it in half and put it in a closet. https://www.roguefitness.com/black-concept-2-model-d-rower-pm5?gclid=CjwKCAjw2_LcBRBYEiwA_XVBU0RrSjUG-x57nLPAxn9EdoY9coEOcT_8Bv0QeYg3sitwcHbyXLx6axoCmkYQAvD_BwE Also wanted to add before I started rowing I used a stationary bike and it was a great exercise. Since I got the rower I use the bike only on my rest days from rowing and to cool down after a rowing session. And strength train 5 to 6 days per week but nothing like I used to. My main focus is on endurance and I’ve never felt better
  10. MixinGasKickinAss

    2019 gasgas EC 300 or beta 300 RR

    Man I was pretty excited about the GG but you’re messing with my emotions pal. You’re right about the weight but I don’t think it’s close to 4 strokes. Looks like it comes in at 231, 2 LBS heavier than the RR, but it has a kickstart and bigger gas tank. Also no OI which is a huge plus in my opinion. sucks I have to drive 5 hours to test ride the GG. I would like the RR to be the better bike because I’m a big fan of beta, but we’ll see. With the XC300 I’ll have a much simpler electrical system that isn’t shoddy, better plastics, no OI, better suspension and more power, with the RR I would have a lighter bike that lugs better, arguably better ergonomics (personal preference), and much better customer support. Tough decision, 1st world problems.
  11. MixinGasKickinAss

    2019 gasgas EC 300 or beta 300 RR

    Yea I’m not interested in any gasgas pre 2018. It’s a completely different bike from the ground up
  12. MixinGasKickinAss

    2019 gasgas EC 300 or beta 300 RR

    Can you link me to any of those reports? I’ve been trying to do as much researc as possible and everything I’ve found says the GG has more torque and power than the RR. I have heard that the GG does lug quite well but no direct comparison on if it’s better or worse than beta. I did like how well the beta lugged. I’m 5’11 200 lbs and flat footed with bent knees on a FX 350 that has a low seat (37.8 minus .75). I’m not keeping the xtrainer. By the time Im done I’d spend 3,000$ for power mods and suspension. Also from what I’ve been hearing/reading that KYB suspension stock is better than a tuned CC Sachs. I have no idea if there’s any truth to this but that’s what I’ve gathered from several sources. I agree on ktm/husky which is why I won’t even consider one. Over 10k for a bike that needs a bunch of money dumped into it to get it to run at its potential.
  13. MixinGasKickinAss

    Boano front forks for X Trainer

    You’re he fastest guy I’ve seen on an xtrainer yet
  14. MixinGasKickinAss

    Boano front forks for X Trainer

    It’s not just you. The XTrainer stock suspension deflects like that’s it’s job. http://www.motosupply.com/beta-motorcycles-beta-xtrainer-beta-xtrainer-48mm-sachs-fork-p-2470.html
  15. MixinGasKickinAss

    2019 gasgas EC 300 or beta 300 RR

    Yeah you’re right. I’m sure it is comparable. Many like beta better than ktm/husky, lost of info saying the new GG is right on par with beta but with better suspension and power and some even prefer the balance and ergonomics of it. Either way I think it all comes down to personal preference. Going to ride the beta and GG next weekend.