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  1. MixinGasKickinAss

    Rebound clickers on KYB forks

    Well &%$#@!. I followed this video exactly and there was no mention of doing it the way you described. Hooefully nothing got &%$#@!ed up
  2. MixinGasKickinAss

    Rebound clickers on KYB forks

    Ok I took both forks back apart and made sure everything was seated properly. After reassembly I was able to get 20 clicks on one fork before I started feeling resistance, on the other one I got 23 (this is the one that I was going further than I should have before realizing I was doing it wrong). Should I assume that I damaged something? Would it just be the clicker assembly or could damage have been done somewhere else? if I put them both full hard (one at 23 and one at 20) and then come out 14 clicks, would they be even?
  3. MixinGasKickinAss

    Rebound clickers on KYB forks

    These are KYB AOS forks off of a 2018 gas gas. Not sure how different they are than the SSS. They are fairly new and haven’t been messed with at all until this scenario when I swapped springs. The bike only has 20 hours on it tops.
  4. MixinGasKickinAss

    Rebound clickers on KYB forks

    I took my forks apart for the first time to change springs. According to my manual the factory settings were 14 clicks from full closed. Before I took them apart I went to check and was able to turn them in 15 clicks. The 15th turn felt harder than the 14th but I was still able to get a click out of it. I could turn it even further in, possibly to 16 but it was getting harder to stopped. I turned them all the way out to full soft and took my forks apart and put in some stiffer springs. While the forks were apart I played with the rebound clicker and there was a total of 30 clicks from full soft to full hard. I put the clickers back to full soft and reassembled my forks. At this point I attempted to turn them all the way in full hard to so could go from there and get my correct amount of clicks out. When I attempted to turn them in full hard I was only able to get 25 clicks before it got very hard to turn instead of the full 30. Is it normal for the clickers to start having lots of resistance before they are completely turned in full hard? I was advised by a tuner to keep the stock set up with my stiffer springs so I want to set it at 14 clicks from full hard. Should I consider the 25 clicks in as full hard since it becomes a lot harder to turn in past that point? (It gets to the point where I feel I might damage something if I keep turning)
  5. MixinGasKickinAss

    Best looking footpegs on the market

    You ride with no hands breh?
  6. MixinGasKickinAss

    EC300 2018 starter issues

    First of all the dealer lied through his teeth to you, which is a shame. You need to call him and ask why he lied, and then tell him you need the updated ECU and battery cables. Then buy yourself a shorai 210 CCA battery. It should work fine. Every dealer is aware of this issue and gas gas is taking care of it at no cost to the dealer or customer. Youre right about the bikes. They are the best enduros out right now (beside the starter) and amazing right out of the box.
  7. MixinGasKickinAss

    Federal shut down BLM?

    The level of intellect in this post is exactly what I would expect from someone with a tiny dog as their picture.
  8. MixinGasKickinAss

    Federal shut down BLM?

    America-hating spineless sacks of sh1t
  9. -crossfit -strong pick one.
  10. MixinGasKickinAss

    Grip reccomendations

    Decided on a mako 360 and looking to put some new grips on while I’m at it to help with hand and wrist fatigue. A lot of people seem to recommend pillow tops... are they a fatter OD than most other grips? It seems like that would make it worse. What about pillow top lites? Any other suggestions?
  11. MixinGasKickinAss

    Off-road/Grand Prix and ednduro races- fasst flex bars?

    I think I will try the mako. What is the difference between the polymers? It doesn’t give much description other than riding hours... is it saying that’s how many hours of life you will get out of that polymer? Are the 150 hour polymers stiffer but will last longer? The 40 hour polymers softer but will need to be replaced sooner?
  12. MixinGasKickinAss

    Off-road/Grand Prix and ednduro races- fasst flex bars?

    Do they change the bar height at all?
  13. MixinGasKickinAss

    Off-road/Grand Prix and ednduro races- fasst flex bars?

    That looks very interesting and I would honestly rather do something like that instead of the flex bars. I can’t benefit how expensive it is though, 400$ for that. What is the reason for that price?
  14. Does anybody who races use these bars? I’m torn on whether they are worth the money or not. Currently running Renthal twin walls on a 300 and by the end of a hare scramble my forearms/wrist are pretty tired. But I’m wondering if with the flex bars take away some control and responsiveness of the bike....I’ve never ridden with them but seeing how there’s play in the bars I’m picturing them being less responsive in certain situations and obstacles compared to stiff bars....but I have no idea. What about other reccomendations besides the fasst flex bars? I do not care about the vibration of my bike, just looking to try to get rid of some of the hand/wrist/forearm cramping that comes at the end of a race. I never get these problems when doing single track fun riding.