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  1. MixinGasKickinAss

    PNW Helmet Cam Vids

    HA! You must’ve been part of that pantra ride a month or so back? That was me that road out past your group and walked back in to get his bike out. That’s one of my favorite trails around. Could use some rehab in a couple spots I think.
  2. MixinGasKickinAss

    PNW Helmet Cam Vids

    Did you ride the maiden creek trail? If not you really missed out. I used to live in Athol, right outside of Farragut. Now I live a little farther north
  3. MixinGasKickinAss

    Oil filter bolt snapped

    This is the set I have https://www.irwin.com/tools/screw-bolt-extractors/10-pc-spiral-extractor-drill-bit-combo-pack youll need a hammer and vice grips too
  4. MixinGasKickinAss

    Oil filter bolt snapped

    Use a bolt extractor. Very easy to do and can be be bought at any hardware store
  5. MixinGasKickinAss

    2018 300rr over oiling?

    Holy hell why are people complicating mixing 2 stroke gas. Talking about trying to find the right ratio per tank. Everyone who owns a bike should have at least one 5 gallon jug. Fill the jug with gas. Use a ratio cup to make 5 gallons of pre mix. Fill your bike from the jug. Go riding. It’s not rocket surgery. &%$#@!.
  6. MixinGasKickinAss


    GasGas XC 300. 293cc pussy magnet Better suspension, more power, more torque, and way better suspension for about 1000$ less than a ktm.
  7. MixinGasKickinAss

    Free bent/damaged gnarly pipes

    I have two gnarly pipes that will fit an RR/xtrainer. On the left side they are bent back towards the bike a little bit. And some small dents. If anybody wants them they are free would just have to pay for shipping from Idaho
  8. MixinGasKickinAss

    2018 300rr over oiling?

    You’re bike is barely ridden. To say that it’s fine with 3.5 hours on it is silly. I know 2 other people with betas that have never been on this forum. One has had electrical issues and one has a definite OI issue. I have an xtrainer with an OI issue and I haven’t mentioned it until now. You think every beta owner that has a problem is posting about it on the internet? a pretty big percentage of the beta owners who post here have said there have been OI issues. I would use the law of proportionality to assume that the overall ratio of OI issues to beta owners is the pretty close. No need to repeat what’s already been said in here about why you should remove that garbage system. 1 positive: you don’t have to mix gas. Absolutely life changing. Mixing gas is grueling. How have people even ridden 2 strokes up until now is beyond me. I would sell my children for the chance of not having to go through the hardships of dumping a tiny bit of oil into a 5 gallon jug of gas. The negatives: too many to list. sincerely, internet blowhard
  9. Would you please quit lying to everybody. Idaho sucks
  10. MixinGasKickinAss

    Topo Map Question: shaded areas?

    It means If you’re from Washington you better stay out
  11. MixinGasKickinAss

    Single track in the snow

    Anybody ever ride single track in the snow? Was planning a big ride for tomorrow the last ride of the year but got 2 inches of snow overnight. Temps won’t be high enough today to melt it by tomorrow. Will be 2-3 inches and the ground isn’t frozen underneath. I’m worried about everyone behind the front guy, the snow will just get packed down and slippery. Worth it to go?
  12. MixinGasKickinAss

    Lectron carburetor from 300 mxc on 300 exc?

    Don’t buy a lectron. Learn to jet properly. Lectrons still require adjustment. There’s a reason that used lectrons are very easy to find
  13. MixinGasKickinAss

    KTM 300 or Beta 300rr or Gas Gas 300

    I think a mixture of both. With the original battery it was not strong enough to start it cold. You would have to use the kick for the first start of the ride which is never a problem. The bike starts in one kick every time. Once warm, the stock battery is strong enough to restart the bike. I bought a shorai 210 CCA battery and now the bike starts every time warm or cold. The starter on the betas is no doubt better, but the one on the gas gas works just fine now. It may have been an issue when the 18s first came out, but it is a non issue now.
  14. MixinGasKickinAss

    KTM 300 or Beta 300rr or Gas Gas 300

    Sounds like some of the very first 18s were having e start issues when the bike was cold. After it was warm the estart worked fine. GG fixed all of these issues for free for everybody that wanted it and for the remainder of the bikes being sent out. I bought mine in August with the updates and it works flawalessly. They are amazing bikes.