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  1. ttr2255

    Header Pipe leaking at the engine

    Mine was leaking too. Mostly the pipe on the left side. I removed the flange and cleaned up the welds so the pipe was able to fully seat on the flange. Than I found it necessary to slightly bend the frame bracket to get the best alignment. The mentioned bracket is located near the carb where the pipe is bolted to the frame. Doing this allowed the pipe to seat more squarely on the flange. Once I got to this point I than used the High Temp RTV on all 3 slip on points. Once bolted up let sit overnight to cure.
  2. ttr2255

    race tech or moto pro

    are you referring to the kits the sell for DIY, or actually sending your stuff to them? If you are talking about the kits, how close do they get you the first time out, and if you need to than make mods, how well guided are they at helping you diagnose the problem?
  3. ttr2255

    Spring rate identification

    They don't have data on my bike, but thanks for the help. i did find thid site, but am confised about what they mean by wire diameter in lbs http://www.racingsuspensionproducts.com/spring%20rate.htm
  4. How can I identify my fork spring rates. they are unmarked and several suspension shops have conflicting data as to what is standard for my bike
  5. looking to valve my forks myself, and want a packaged kit to start with. Riding rocks / roots...
  6. ttr2255


    have any of you had experience with the Kawi Suzuki dealer there?
  7. ttr2255


    Eddie, I owe you one, I was at my whits end. Yes I introduced the vacuum leak by installing the plate up side down. Oh by the way, I submitted a few hundred of these guys buy got a message indicating our limit of 20, so I'll provide you with a single, but humble one.
  8. ttr2255


    It seems I have a vacuum leak on a FCR 39, and cannot locate it. Bike has less than 20 hours on it, ran fine, than did not. I found a few miscellaneous problems that may have contributed, but now I think I have it isolated to a vacuum leak. Bike running on stand; starts OK, runs well on choke, doesn't like to idle, but if I adjust the speed screw to a higher RPM, and heavily richen the mixture it will idle fairly well. When I blip the throttle it responds OK, but keeps reeving due to air leak. I sprayed the carb all over every seal, and It only seems to have an effect around the arrear noted in first post behind the rubber insulator/intake. Plug is showing signs of carb cleaner residue, and is otherwise like it came out of the package. Bike Running in operation; Off idle I get a hesitation, than sudden and uncontrollable power surge, uncontrollable throttle response. Now I know what you may be thinking, so please let me save us posting back and forth on these items. Also please give me the benefit of the doubt in that I am totally correct in my assessment of my diagnosis. 1) I have nearly totally disassembled the carb, and reassembled it cleaning all jets, all passage ways, float is set to spec, and the little gasket behind the flat throttle plate is mint. (3x) 2) All gaskets are in perfectly acceptable shape. 3) Bike was running perfectly prior to problem. Jetting work was spot on. JD, red 5th down, 172 main, 42 pilot, 1-3/4 out. 4) Plug is fine tried 4. 5) All ignition parts are fine. Tested all that could be and swapped out those that cannot. 6) all vent lines are breathing fine, and not crimped. 7) Valves are set to spec. 8) Preformed a leak down compression test. At 80 psi there is no air leaking past any valves. So have you any thoughts as to where the carb might be sucking air?
  9. ttr2255


    On an FCR, have you ever seen a vacuum leak on the carb body? Specifically where the two parts are factory sealed with tamper resistant screws, above the bowl & below the main casting. Also what is used to seal those two parts?
  10. Bike was jetted, and running perfectly last week, and 45 miles into a ride it suddenly began to run very poorly. I lost all throttle control below 1/3 throttle than it poured on. It's symptomatic of running way lean. I went totally thought the carb, checked valves, compression, tested the exciter, coil, 3 different plugs, TPS, and no vacuum leaks. Pilot circuit is responsive to adjustment, but it runs like it has a clogged pilot jet (not so). I'm thinking that the CDI is severely advancing the timing by referencing theTPS. It's only while the engine is feeding off the pilot circuit that it the severely advanced timing is causing a problem as the fuel supply is limited by the jet. When the main circuit opens up the engine comes to life getting the fuel it's starving for. I called 3 dealers and it seems that the CDI is a rare part to give trouble. Thoughts? Mike
  11. ttr2255

    Hard parts gas cap

    I'm not the one with soon to be 1300 posts
  12. ttr2255

    Hard parts gas cap

    Thank you for the reply. I tried both, and it dose mate at 3 O"clock perfectly in position 1, but kind of 7-8 O'clock in position 2. This is just my luck with things, I run into this shit all the time. It pisses me off too as it look stupid.
  13. I couldn't wait for the replacement cap so I bought the $50. aluminum KTM hard parts 1/4 turn cap. It has the KTM logo machined into it, and it looks like it should sit at 6 O"clock. The logo is at 8 O'clock. have any one else seen this?
  14. ttr2255

    popping on decel

    Stock. I know two other guys with the same bike and theirs dosn't produce that effect. I think the RTV is getting blown out on that poorly fitted side.