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  1. Luke Hufford

    YZ250x suspension help!

    Damn i need to get mine that dialed! The bike is still pretty new to me so i need more seat time and tuning to get it where im happy with it
  2. Luke Hufford

    YZ250x suspension help!

    Northern CA hare scrambles. Not a ton of roots like the east coast but a fair amount of rocks, square edge bumps, and whooped out trails. Mid pack C racer. No MX except for the races that may put in a little track section
  3. Luke Hufford

    YZ250x suspension help!

    Interesting method! Im not sensitive enough to suspension settings to feel minute changes. Problem is i have a race coming up on sunday and no time to test it out before. Just have to suck it up and try to not jar my fillings out
  4. Luke Hufford

    YZ250x suspension help!

    105 and 35. Stock fork springs. The bike only has about 40 hours so its not like the suspension is in dire need for a rebuild. Im not sure why the stock clicker settings felt so bad when everyone raves about the suspension. When i ran the clickers stock i did put a ton of preload on the stock shock spring trying to get more sag
  5. Luke Hufford

    YZ250x suspension help!

    I'll give it a try!
  6. Luke Hufford

    YZ250x suspension help!

    Hey guys. I recently purchased a 16 yz250x and the first 2 rides i LOVED the suspension. Then the day before a race i reset all my clickers to stock and everything felt like crap. No plushness at all and deflected off everything. I now have a 5.4 shock spring for my 190 pound weight and dialed in sag. Any recommendations on where i should go from here? Right now the fork is 12 out on comp and 15 out on rebound. Shock is 1.75 turns out on hsc, 14 out on lsc, and 18 out on rebound. Any help would be appreciated!
  7. Luke Hufford

    Show off your yz250x (250x only please)

    Totally agree. I had a gnarly on my 300 and i hated how it made the top end so flat. I'll never buy any pipe but a PC. Those TQ2 mufflers are business tho
  8. Luke Hufford

    Show off your yz250x (250x only please)

    Here's my new to me 16. 40 hours on it so far and loving it! Pro circuit platinum pipe TQ2 muffler Lectron 38mm hv carb Zip-Ty racing spec IMS tank Cycra pro-bend handguards PV mod (the greatest mod of all!) Upcoming mods: RB designs head, stiffer shock spring, and gytr weighted flywheel Likes: Love the way this bike screams with the PC pipe and PV mod. Way better than my 300. Great forks! Very light feeling and feels very agile on fast 2nd and 3rd gear singletrack. Cons: No semi-wide ratio 6 speed like my 300xc but not a deal breaker. Wont tractor like a 300 but i dont enjoy the super slow technical stuff anyways.