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  1. Long time no talk..Still riding? Still using simple green?

  2. Honda0001

    Keep my friend in your prayers

    sorry to hear it, hope he gets better! But I guess he could of done it pretty much doing anything fallin down stairs or gettin run down in the street by a car just one of those things in life, everything has a risk to it. Not jsut BMX's or motocross bikes
  3. Honda0001

    Let's see the holeshots!

    Keep it up dude, doing good for sure! LOL I see your fender is still flapping around like a tail!
  4. Honda0001

    Dirty bike

    100% CORRECT, once it's a dirty POS that has been left dirty for days after a race or ride, the raw metal around the bike all stains/dulls bad and there's pretty much nothing you can do about it. Key is to buy your bike new or a very clean used one and be religous with cleaning them straight away after every ride period. Or the metal just turns to junk and stained brown to hell and no amount of polishing or cleaning is ever going to change it, it's pretty much engrained. That's just how it is, peronsally I really think it lets a bike down, but I guess you always will get the people out there who are lazy. Note to self: Don't buy a bike from yzman400
  5. why are your posts always so long and pointless, is it a woman thing?
  6. Honda0001

    How loud is a stock 06 CRF 250r

    I think it's 99db
  7. Honda0001

    Air Filter Screen?

    ^ + clean the airfilter and the airbox spotless after every ride.
  8. Honda0001

    My MX Bike Cleaning Guide!

    Nah it's awesome to go get it dirty again!
  9. Honda0001

    Things I need to keep in mind

    Motocross bikes are alot of fun but also alot of maintenance, but that's also the cool part of owning one working on it etc. The two stroke is definately less maintenance than a racing four stroke bike but more maintenance than your old 4-stroke trail bike. Washing the bike after each ride is vital period. After washing you'll need to lubricate, chain (not grease too thick), pegs, cables, lever pivots, anything that pivots. Greasing the bearings around the bike is very important say twice a year or so. If not it can cost you alot of time and $$$. You'll need to grease the top and bottom shock bearings, the top and bottom steering bearings, the swingarm bearings and the pro link bearings (off the bottom of shock) Remeber to check all your levels like brake fluid resorvior levels front and rear and coolant level in radiator. Change the fluid out if it looks dark. Remember to check spoke tensions after every ride. Again saving you money and your own safety. Checking the chain tension after lubricating the chain every ride. Checking your tyre pressures just before you ride. 14 PSI Check the brake pad thickness every 5 rides Changing the airflter every 3 rides, remembering to clean out the airbox well too on every airfilter change. A quick and very effective way is to buy the airfilter cover so you can jet wash out the airbox spotless. Chainging the gearbox oil every 5 rides Remember to mix pre mix in the fuel too and your good to go! Links: Greasing linkages http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/how_to/article/0,13190,1572782,00.html Changing brake fluids http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/how_to/article/0,13190,927248,00.html Changing air filters http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/how_to/article/0,13190,1075734,00.html Checking spoke tensions http://www.transworldmotocross.com/mx/how_to/article/0,13190,1054614,00.html
  10. Alot of people ask me how I have such a clean bike? There's no secret, only these things, once your bike is new it's all about just staying on top of it, many bikes out there have gone past the point of no return, once a motocross bike is dirty it's dirty. Once that guy who had it before has left that dirt on from Sundays race on for a few days before being bothered to clean it midweek maybe. By that time the raw metal finish throughout the bike (frame, shock linage, engine, casing etc) has been sitting with that dirt on which is literally grinding into the metal and staining it. Once it has had this treatment for a few months the bikes metal finish begins to look really rough and gunky and there's not much you can do to get that new look back the dirt and grime is literally imbedded in the bikes metal as if it's tinted brown. Either way my method isn’t the shortest route but the most effective and once you get into it, it’s like changing the oil it’s simply routine. At the track after a race or practice first thing I do as I am about to leave is head for the jet wash or the petrol one I bring along. Wash at track: Plug the exhaust up and wash the bike down with the petrol pressure washer in all areas I can possibly see really well l and lean the bike over onto the stand by leaning the handlebars onto the stand and wash underneath. Then spray simple green every where on it I can see using my pump up sprayer and let that take effect for a few minutes while I wash my boots. Blast every where off possible. Lean the bike over onto the stand by leaning the handlebars onto the stand again and soak with simple green leave to settle for five minutes then blast off thoroughly. Load your nice clean bike into your van/truck/trailer. I've found this way also you spend less time having to clean your truck/trailer or van because your loading a clean bike in, not a dirty one. Wash at home same day: Plug the exhaust up, remove the seat, install the air-filter cover. Wet the bike down and then Simple on the sub frame and airbo area basically non of the places you could do at track Let that take effect for a few minutes. Blast every where off possible to see. Lean the bike over onto the stand by leaning the handlebars onto the stand and wash underneath and soak with simple green leave to settle then blast off. Using the airline dry the bike out and spray silicone around the bike engine casings and pretty much all over everything accept the obvious stuff like brakes etc. Mainly cleaning off the sub frame in this process since it is concealed by the plastics and seat. Washing on Wednesday: Remove, tank, plastics fenders number boards, fork guards. Plug exhaust up, and air filter cover on. Wet the bike down, Simple Green holocaust the bike everywhere including underneath by leaning the bike over. Leave to settle for five minutes. Blast off everywhere being careful about radiators. Dry bike using compressed airline Lubricate all switches, connections, cables, moving parts Spray the bike with a protecting agent, WD-40, spray this on things such as the frame, engine casings, wheels (being very careful not to get it on the brake rotor!) swing arm, exhaust, bottom of fork legs anything METAL, this is to keep the shine and protect it from going dull and old. Using a multi-purpose lubricant, spray all moving parts joints, foot pegs, kick-start stem, spray it down the clutch cable, anything that moves. Other than brakes of course! Wipe the WD-40 substance off using a clean cloth. Replace the air filter with a clean air filter. Remove the exhaust plug from the silencer. Move bike into workspace, garage or workshop. Wet plastics and tank with hosepipe Wash with hot soapy water and a sponge/very soft brush mixed with simple green and car wax Rinse plastics and tank down with hosepipe Dry the plastics or tank off using compressed air or towel Using silicone spray, spray it onto the plastics or tank, leave it to soak in for a few minutes and then wipe off using clean cloth. Reassemble... Remember: When you take the bolts off replace them for where they go this way the Simple green also cleans them too. Ok so that’s it for cleaning, I then move onto my maintenance…
  11. Honda0001

    Need Help! 07 KTM SXF250

    ok thanks alot! Finally someone answered my call, props to you guys!
  12. Honda0001

    07 250 SXF Blowing Smoke

    OK cool, at least you got everything sorted out!
  13. Honda0001

    JD Jetting Kit?

    ok thanks alot!
  14. Honda0001

    Hanging It Up

    Ha ha yeah true i guess so! it just annoys me people get into something, first hurdel comes and there test of dedication, commitment and passion and true love for what they are doing truely shows. Then they come on this forum posting some thread asking people on the interent what he should do with his life? motocross you have to love it with your life if you don';t you won't last so don't start if your not gonna be dedicated, committed, or if it's not what you love doing, live for , enjoy doing, have fun doing or are passionate about. Go live in your little bubble and leave all us RIDERS to do what we love in life.
  15. Honda0001

    scratch remover?

    I used it and it didn't work jut made a nasty, mess. Maybe I didn't do it right but it didn't work for me anyway.