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  1. On_The_Pipe

    Clutch gone?

    For crying out loud man you can get the clutch apart in about ten minutes, go check your cable routing, if that's good pull the clutch out and take a look see.
  2. On_The_Pipe

    Clutch gone?

    They were soaked 24 hours in atf.
  3. On_The_Pipe

    1998 CR125R wont start. any ideas?

    Do you have the correct jets in it? Is the choke/enricher working correctly?
  4. On_The_Pipe

    Clutch gone?

    One of two things or a combination of them is likely happening. 1. Your clutch basket is grooved. 2. The clutch pack is sticking together. I once put a brand new basket and clutch pack in a bike and for some reason the clutch pack would stick together, I could pull the lever in and the bike would still move like I had lever released. Eventually each ride it would the pack would come apart and work normally but ary tge beginning of each ride it would stick. I suggest you pull you clutch apart and inspect, its bei easy.
  5. On_The_Pipe

    Clutch gone?

    Free like it's in neutral? No, you're going to get some drag even on a new bike with a fresh clutch (I really mean basket and inner hub) the outer baskets often groove and that causes more drag. But I'd say if your bike is not creeping while in gear with the lever in, starts in gear with the clutch lever held in then I wouldn't worry about it. Even if it's a bit harder to start in gear(it should be) I wouldn't worry about it. How much free play do you have on the lever before the cable engages? You need some but not a lot. If that's adjusted correctly and you suspect you've still got a problem the next thing to do is to lay the bike on its left side, remove the clutch cover, remove the bolts holding the dowels on the pressure plate and then the clutch pack and take a look at the inner hub and outer basket. If its grooved like this one its causing extra drag.
  6. On_The_Pipe

    Break in on a nikasil cylinder

    I agree with the others, it's not likely getting a little frisky caused your problem. Modern nikasil cylinders and top end parts don't require much for break in, lots folks break them in easy, lots break them in hard, almost everyone has similar results.
  7. On_The_Pipe

    Clutch gone?

    Do you mean you have some drag if the motor is off but you have the lever pulled in? That's normal. Sounds like it rides normal?
  8. On_The_Pipe

    Cant get my cr125rl started

    As has been mentioned make sure the piston is installed the proper direction. I'd be checking that first.
  9. On_The_Pipe

    1998 CR500R rebuild

    Having had a few friends with the lectron I've found that they aren't as set it and forget it as some suggest. Once dialed in they are easy to adjust but still require adjusting for elevation. Some have gone back to original carbs because they eom a bit stronger. On the 500 that may not be an issue though..... Cool build, I say stick with the original frame.... but that's just me.
  10. On_The_Pipe

    My new, or new to me, 2000 CR250

    Glad to hear you're doing the lower end while you're at it, save a few bucks for a clutch basket possibly. Take your time and doit right, in the end you'll have a nice bike that you know inside and out.