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  1. Tjlaw_44

    will i even be able to touch?

    hey i have recently purchased a 1994 xr200r. i am 5’6 and barely that, i just got wondering if i’ll even be able to touch the ground?[emoji23]
  2. Tjlaw_44

    xr200r rear fender swap

    hey i’ve seen some xr200r’s on youtube wear people are putting crf230 plastics or crf150r/f plastics on them. does anyone know if any of these bikes rear fenders would possibly mount up on an xr200r even if i’d have to drill a couple holes?
  3. Tjlaw_44

    xr 200 owners please read

    i know i just made a post about this but the app isn’t working right for me and i cant reply but could someone please help me out and tell me how long each edge of the side panels on a 1994 xr200r are? would be a huge help. thanks! if you do, please just send them through thumpertalk messages or drop the measurements in this forum. thanks!
  4. Tjlaw_44

    xr200r exhaust

    does anyone know if an xr100 exhaust will fit on an xr200r?
  5. Tjlaw_44

    xr 200 owners please read

    hey so i have a 1994 xr200r and i am in need of some new rear side panels but i see that they are hard to come buy and only maier makes them. i also have other parts to buy so i thought i’d make some out of this plastic material i have. if anyone with a 1994 or a year that has the same style of plastics knows the dimensions of the plastics, it would be a huge help if you told me. thanks!
  6. does anyone know if that would work?
  7. Tjlaw_44

    plastics that fit 94 XR200R?

    do you know if xr250 plastics would fit my xr200? do you know if xr250 will fit on my xr200?
  8. Tjlaw_44

    plastics that fit 94 XR200R?

    hey, does anyone know if any plastics of a different bike would fit on a 1994 xr200r? i’m ok with having to drill a couple holes if needed but does anyone know if there’s anything i could make work? thanks
  9. Tjlaw_44

    suspension fix

    hey i’m just writing this because i have a 1994 xr 200r that needs a new rear suspension fix. like the whole rear suspension. will a 1996 cr rear suspension possibly fit in my xr?
  10. xrcrf100 would a xr 250 rear suspension fit?
  11. hey! i have recently bought a 1994 xr 200r and i need to replace the whole back suspension and i don’t know what years of suspensions will fit. does anyone know if any other years of xr suspensions will fit my 1994. thank you!
  12. Tjlaw_44


    thank you!
  13. Tjlaw_44


    hey i was just wondering if anyone could help me out by telling how much it would cost to replace a clutch linkage seal on a 2005 crf250x.
  14. hello i am just wondering if anyone knows how many valves are on a 2005 crf250x
  15. Tjlaw_44

    WANTED: 2009 crf 250r info

    hey i was thinking about possibly buying a used 2009 crf 250r in the future. the bike that i’m looking at has dual exhaust. does anyone know if these bikes are good or bad? i’ve heard they might have starting problems. any info would be appreciated. thank you