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  1. faris114

    Changing plug idle issue 300rr

    Thanks for replay where can i find the manual for the 2017 model..?
  2. Hello guys, after i have posted few days ago about the issue that i had i have changed my spark plug due to oily plug even though its head looked ok. Now i am having an issue that my 300rr wont idle due to screw adjustment play and idle screw play i am not sure that i can find the settings so the bike can idle so how can i setup the both screws? Now another question is that the stock plug i had is bpr7es i changed it to bpr6es cause the dealer doesn't have 7 So is it ok to have 6 and what difference would it make from 7 to 6..?.
  3. faris114

    Beta 300RR wont start fuel issue

    Hello guys, i am having the same problem again , after cleaning the plug the bike ran for few minutes when choke is opened and when i tried to close the choke it never start again, i took out the plug again and i noticed black color like its oily knowing the fact that i cleaned very good , a friend told me that it might be fouled plug even though it doesn't look fouled , it has a good head, and we found out later that the rubber that holds the carb from one side and the engine from another looks like has crack and maybe small little bit of air leak very small though (i am talking about the rubber that has a pipe in it providing the the engine with the oil) he said it could be from that small hole . So , can that hole or small leak is causing the plug to get oiled ? How can i tell if the plug needs to be changed for real if its the problem...? Thank u in advanced guys.
  4. faris114

    Beta 300RR wont start fuel issue

    No sir the slide didnt stuck.
  5. faris114

    Beta 300RR wont start fuel issue

    Hello guys , after i took out the pilot jet out of the carb and cleaning it , i had no luck the bike still didnt run i took of the spark plug and its head was so black looks like oil on it, cleaned it and put it back and started the bike it run perfectly. Another question , does that mean that i must change the piston and rings of the bike or it means that i must ride the bike aggressively meaning that oil is not being burned perfectly due to low rpm riding style , i am kind of beginner rider and this is my first 2t bike i never put my engine into pressure Thank u guys
  6. faris114

    Beta 300RR wont start fuel issue

    Ill try to clean tomorrow thank you for fast replay
  7. faris114

    Beta 300RR wont start fuel issue

    I dont know what u mean by slide
  8. Hello guys, i have beta 300rr 2017, today i pulled the choke and started the bike, bike ran perfectly with choke pulled , after closing the choke i tried to ride the bike , i closed the choke the engine felt like not getting gas and stopped , i tried to start it over and over till battery has died, i tried to start with kickstart at some point it felt like the bike will run it ran for a second and off again . I must mention when i started the bike with choke pulled it started acting crazy like the throttle is opened, and i must mention this is not the first time it happens it happened once and it took few minutes to start again . The bike was off for 3 weeks due to weather . What is weird about it is that the bike started smooth with one start while choke is pulled i have drained the gas out of the carb and took the air filter off but no luck. Any ideas? Thank you in advanced
  9. faris114

    Beta 2017 300RR Dashboard

    I think the hours parameter is separated from the speed parameter , In your case its likely faulty dash in my case not sure
  10. faris114

    Beta 2017 300RR Dashboard

    I will try
  11. faris114

    Beta 2017 300RR Dashboard

    Hello i have bought a BETA 300RR a month ago , When i first got the bike i got it inside a BERLINGO , So i had to take off the front wheel from my BETA so it can fit, Here starts the first problem , When i got home i ran the bike and rode it , And i didnt see that speedometer works in the dashboard , I called the seller and i told him about that , He told me that the bike's speedometer was running perfectly with no issues , Ofcourse i tried the bike before i bought it ,But i cant remember if the speedometer was working , So he said something about a magnatic tape that is somewhere on the front wheel is massed up cause we took of the front wheel , So this is the first problem that i have been searching the internet about but i couldnt find any explaination on how the speedometer works so i can find a solution to that problem , Another problem that i have is that when i got the bike , The seller told me he had the battery on charging, Because the bike been standing for a while , when i first start it when i tried it i remember that the dashbaord was working perfectly , When i got home after 2 hours , I started the bike , The startor worked perfectly with full energy but the dashboard was blinking as to the gas accleration i mean , When the bike is stand by the dashbaord doesnt work nor the headlight , But when i accelerate the dashboard does work and the headlight lights abit , So i assumed that there is some issue with the battery , Because the seller said he charged it , After few hours of riding the problem has been solved , So the headlight worked full on high and low , Plus the dashboard was working while the bike running but on standby , Now i have rode the bike for few weekends by now , The bike started making the same problem with dashboard , I was so unhappy when it started , But i continued to ride then after few hours the problem is gone (i must mention that it started after few hours of riding so if the battery was weak it had to start the issue from the very first mintues of riding ) So yes i dont know what to do about this issue , I must add that when i bought the bike it was on 82 hours after the issue happend again it came back to 82 hours i rode it few weekends by now , My expectation is that the seller did something to the bike so it goes back to 82 everytime it pass certain amount of hours. A help from experienced guys would be nice Thank you !
  12. faris114

    beta 300rr oils

    Hello i am thinking on to start to get ready for my oils change on my bike as i read from the user manual all is said about liqui moly which i dont have in my city idk if we even have it inside the country i must get oils by the internet and its not good way since it takes sometime how bad is it if i use any 2t oil for the bike the fact that the oil that is used is burnt with the gasoline so basically its something used for small period of time not like the 4T bikes the oil is stored inside the engine the previous owner had some kind of blue oil i bought today red oil i cant seem to find the oil that betamotors recommend
  13. faris114

    Beta 2017 300RR question

    yes sir exactly !!
  14. faris114

    Beta rr300 piston

    how did you know that the piston needs to be changed... ?!
  15. faris114

    Beta rr300 piston

    Hello Recently i have bought a beta300rr 2017 my first 2t bike its very powerful and fun to ride coming from drz400s i have a question regarding the piston the bike has made 80 hours as to the user manual it says that piston must be changed every 60 hours so i am not sure if the previous owner has changed the piston how can i tell if the piston has been changed knowing that from what i see is when the bike is cold and first start it blows alot of white smoke until it gets hot plus there is weird strong noise when the bike is running and the clutch is released when the clutch is pulled no noise can be heard a friend told me its normal i am abit newbie when it comes to 2t bikes it needs alot of time to maintain and alot of experience that i lack my friend told me dont follow the user manual cause alot of bikes changed the piston every 100 hours so yes i need some help regarding that thank you in advanced