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  1. faris114

    Ktm excf 350

    Hello Tomorrow i am going to buy ktm 350 excf 2012 so the bike has about 300 hours and 04 what should i check before buying the bike and how? Thank You all in advanced
  2. Hello So i sm stuck between 2 bikes to choose the 525 2004 or the 350 2012 the 525 about 3.5k$ the 350 about 6k$ to be honest i am abit worried of the 525 cause of its year model and weight comparing to the 350 an i prefer to get the 525 as to the price and as to the bike big engine and my use will be hard enduro and climbing hills i had a drz400s 2017 i sold it because of its weight wasnt fun to stuck while climbing a hill and have to pick it up so the weight the year model the engine etc for the two bikes i need an advice regarding that thank u in advanced
  3. faris114

    drz400s color code

    does anyone know the drz400s 2017 blue color code been searching the internet i couldnt find thank you...
  4. faris114

    drz400s as enduro

    Hello i have been riding my drz400s 2017 as an enduro bike though some of the screws fell off maybe because of its weight anyone would like sharing their experience if anyone has ridden the drz400s as an enduro for long term is it worth it ? how it'll lose its market value comparing to enduro ? and will it stay strong and hold for long term ? thank you
  5. faris114

    drz400s 2017 graphic kits

    thank you but i couldnt find them over there
  6. faris114

    drz400s 2017 graphic kits

    hello i crashed my bike a month ago and i've been searching for plastic kits to the bike i've found the plastics but its stock without the graphic on it anyone know where can i buy the graphics or the plastics and the graphics on it looks exactly like in the picture i've been searching for so long a help would be nice also the original handlebar i cant find original one if anybody know is it normal if the bike was standing for almost 3 weeks and i tried to start it and a little bit of white smoke came of the exhaust is that normal guys if it is an explanation on what is that would be nice for me for my own knowledge thank you
  7. faris114

    Fcr carb vs jetting kit

    Hello I am thinking on modding my drz400s with something comparing the benefits of the jetting kit and the fcr carb to the cost of them is it worth to add the fcr carb or the jetting kit will be enough as to the fact that they have the same goal but a little difference in the results Thank you
  8. Hello i am thinking of getting FCR carb for my new 2017 drz400s so basically i have some questions about it first of all is it really worth it to get FCR carb installed and how does it help on offroad or dirt riding ?? and anyone know what do the equipment and all things i need to buy like hoses or vents or whatever and are they and the Carb worth their price comparing to their benefits another question can i install it as a normal person i dont know anything about mechanics but i have a brain that i can use to read on how to do so is it easy to do it and if so i would be happy if anyone gives me a short manual on how to do it would be nice if anyone can help me with that. Thank you .
  9. faris114

    Bad decision to get new drz400s

    What are springs and sag would be nice if u explain
  10. faris114

    Bad decision to get new drz400s

    Thank you guys all for replays lets put this way i tried riding the rm450 of my friend it feels very hard offroading which made me like my drz more but i have to mention one thing before i did buy the drz i made alot of researchs and all i could see is that the drz is low budegt maintanence and this is why i bought the bike i must mention that i bought only for offroad purposes and now i found my self stuck with that bike mainly i have one problem is that the bike is new and it cost me alot of money this why i am scared to ride offroad tough here comes the question regarding the body of it and what can i damage while riding how much would it cost me full body plastic kit?
  11. faris114

    Bad decision to get new drz400s

    I think its a myth his bike made 245 hours on the same engine its 2015 year model i think it depends on the rider
  12. faris114

    Bad decision to get new drz400s

    So if i use to clim hills is it ok you think my point is comparing my bike to his bike will i be able to catch up on any hill that he climb with the rm
  13. Hello I've had my drz400s a month ago i have a friend that has rm450 he can ride wherever he wants offroad very strong bike and for climbing hills also very good i was wondering if i did a bad decision to buy that bike since its new and every time i try to climb or do something that looks easy that the rm do i would fall and make scratches to the bike i am not very experinced guy this is my first dirtbike i used to ride sport bikes so did i do bad decision on buying the drz400s i am concendering to sell it i've lost already alot of its price cause of the scratches and i will get a motocross some advices about the issue would be good guy Thank you
  14. faris114

    drz400s wheelie

    moving back is not efficient i guess i am trying to get it up from its power will it be helpful if i make the clutch release at higher point ?