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  1. What are springs and sag would be nice if u explain
  2. Thank you guys all for replays lets put this way i tried riding the rm450 of my friend it feels very hard offroading which made me like my drz more but i have to mention one thing before i did buy the drz i made alot of researchs and all i could see is that the drz is low budegt maintanence and this is why i bought the bike i must mention that i bought only for offroad purposes and now i found my self stuck with that bike mainly i have one problem is that the bike is new and it cost me alot of money this why i am scared to ride offroad tough here comes the question regarding the body of it and what can i damage while riding how much would it cost me full body plastic kit?
  3. I think its a myth his bike made 245 hours on the same engine its 2015 year model i think it depends on the rider
  4. So if i use to clim hills is it ok you think my point is comparing my bike to his bike will i be able to catch up on any hill that he climb with the rm
  5. Hello I've had my drz400s a month ago i have a friend that has rm450 he can ride wherever he wants offroad very strong bike and for climbing hills also very good i was wondering if i did a bad decision to buy that bike since its new and every time i try to climb or do something that looks easy that the rm do i would fall and make scratches to the bike i am not very experinced guy this is my first dirtbike i used to ride sport bikes so did i do bad decision on buying the drz400s i am concendering to sell it i've lost already alot of its price cause of the scratches and i will get a motocross some advices about the issue would be good guy Thank you
  6. moving back is not efficient i guess i am trying to get it up from its power will it be helpful if i make the clutch release at higher point ?
  7. what you mean by the balance point can you explain please i have tried almost full engine power and popping out the clutch and couldnt lift the bike it just wont lift have you ever lift same bike cause i dont think its possible even though a friend said that he had drz400s lower year model and he could wheelie on 2nd gear much easier
  8. no i havent i bought from someone and the previous owner said nothing about modifying how can i check ?
  9. Hello My 2017 drz400s doesnt accelerate smooth sometimes a friend told me could be a spark plug and another told me carburetor should be cleaned any other ideas guys ? Thank you
  10. Hello i been trying to learn wheelies guys all i did success with is first gear power without the clutch poping i tried 2nd gear many times with clutch popping the bike feels to heavy to wheelie any ideas or tips on how to do it ? maybe im doing something wrong Thank you
  11. Hello guys today the horn started working badly i am having bad luck with this bike i am thinking its an electrical issues such as coils because the bike ran without oil for short period of time (maximum 5 mins) can it be the horn its self i've never seen a horn of new bike working bad its still new and not used alot thank you for your time guys
  12. thank you guys for your help and fast replay i will not take out the clutch as noble said my last question is should i be worried about the engine and is there anyway to check if the engine still healthy and what about the brakes the discs still abit oily how important is it to clean them and if i dont clean them with special material will it damage the discs or the brakes if i keep using them in a harsh way in order to remove the oil by friction thank you and again i appreciate your help
  13. i appreciate your help my friend i just did today changed the oil i put 10W40 as the producer said in their manual and i changed the filter but when i started the bike today i heard strange sound coming from the engine block like small metal friction sound but its very small i am not sure if i had this sound before i am little bit scared that the engine was damaged as i said before that i was riding the bike in the same time the oil was dropping off i noticed late i assume after its started dropping about 3 mins of riding i had no rear brake so i noticed that it was the oil coming out of some hole i am the type of person that is not rich and the bike is still new i have paid all the money yet so i am all the time worried about the engine after this happened even though today i ride the bike on dirt about 38km with no problems maybe its all inside my head i think its cause of the oil that i used recently a friend told me that is normal so i have only to wait 2 more rides and that noise will go but i am a little bit scared Thank you
  14. thank you but my question is how bad would it be if keep the clutch disc without changing cause i am not an expert to take it out and lets say i want to clean it how hard is it to take it out ?