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  1. Neil Claydon

    Kawasaki KVF360 Prairie 4x4 (2009)


    Excellent, never let me down, and cost peanuts to run.
  2. Neil Claydon

    Kawasaki KVF360 Prairie 4x4 2009

    Excellent, never let me down, and cost peanuts to run.
  3. Neil Claydon

    What MOD just did it for you 400SM

    Big bore and cam with FCR, although I did go back to the stock carb and jet kit for a while and liked that as well. Neil.
  4. Eddie, sorry to hear you have been forced into going self employed, but I wish you the very best of luck for the future William a moderator Nice one Will, good luck with it mate. Neil. :ride:
  5. Neil Claydon

    Road legal headlight options DR-Z400E UK

    If you want a good headlight either fit a 6 or 8 inch round light . Or if you want it to still look like a dirt bike, the complete headlamp and surround + brackets from an S. Neil. :ride:
  6. Neil Claydon

    My DRZ is FINALLY comfortable!!!!

    How did he widen the seat pan to support the foam ? You need more practice I did more 350 mile days than I can remember and several 750 mile day rides, with a cut down stock seat. Neil.
  7. Neil Claydon

    Fairwell My DRZ Brothers!

    Enjoy the new bike, I'll keep my eyes open on ADV for a ride report or two Neil.
  8. Neil Claydon

    Manta Rack?

    It looks fine with the extra wings removed See here. With the wings it would be good for larger loads, or floppy things that need suport. Neil.
  9. Neil Claydon

    DRZ400 SM Sluggish/Slow after restriction

    The UK official DRZ restrictor is a replacement carb top that prevents the slide fully opening. That said it should not make much difference to top speed. You need to check that the restrictor was fitted properly, I would guess either the carb top has not been fitted as it should be (missing "O" ring), or a vacuum hose etc. has been left disconnected by mistake. Neil. :bonk:
  10. Neil Claydon

    Can the electrics handle heated grips?

    Yes you will be fine, I ran mine full time along with dip beam through 2 winters. Neil. :banana:
  11. Neil Claydon

    Uk DRZ 400S Carb Top... Restricted?

    Correct, restricked top is not standard fitment, it's a rare extra. Neil. :banana:
  12. Neil Claydon

    DRZ400E on Charlie Boorman's latest trip

    Yes just seen it, glad to see the DRZ survived Charlie playing the fool Even towed the KTM home, should have just left it there Neil.
  13. Neil Claydon

    worth it?

    If it's as good as the seller says, £500 in the UK is not so bad. But it is the IF that would worry me. What have you actually mangled on yours that make a new engine necessary. Neil.
  14. Neil Claydon

    how do i tell if my carb is restricted?

    That vid is of an FCR carb, which is not standard fitment on a UK S bike, it won't be restricted. The carb restriction over here is as William said, a different top on the CV carb (S model only) that prevents the slide fully opening. Neil. :banana:
  15. Neil Claydon

    Warning Drz Owners!!!!!!!!

    Which does not mean the sprockets had not slipped on the camshaft. If it gave a warning before going bang that is probably what happened. As Eddie has already said, if it was valve failure you get no warning, it just goes bang. Neil. :banana: