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  1. RipThatYZ250f

    Replace bike or rebuild gears?

    Fix it. I have a 08 ttr 230 and its bullet proof. I am replacing timing chain and doing some adjustments this year 🤔
  2. RipThatYZ250f

    YZ Builds by Goon

    Watching your videos, lit! I'm 14 and glad to say I've owned and sold 6 250's. I was up before one blew
  3. RipThatYZ250f

    TTR230 shifter, brake pedal, pegs - aftermarket options

    I'm looking for these aswell, looking for these aswell, I can't find some.
  4. RipThatYZ250f

    TTR 230 Heavily Modded?

    Looking for cool aditions to my TTR-230, the main stuff is already done such as: FMF pipe, Risers, 1 1/8th Contour bars, graphics, new plastics, spoke skins, grips, levers, tires **Coming soon**, air filter, air filter. I can never find parts like the 250's and 450's have, I understand there maybe more demand for frame grips, skid plates, forks, bigger gas tanks, case covers etc. I am looking for a bunch of parts to add onto my bike, I see all of these racers over-seas or in other countries have these tricked out 230's race prepped. Such as forks, after-market headers, swing arms, rims, frame grips, fox resevoirs? I will pay much for these within reason, I just need a site.. Would ANYONE know a site or a source I can buy these from? I have checked all of the big companies such as Fortnine, Partzilla, Motosport, RockyMC, Revzilla. and never find them! Click here to see video link one
  5. RipThatYZ250f

    YZ Builds by Goon

    Yamaha Gang Gang 😎😍
  6. RipThatYZ250f

    TTR 125 Knocks

    Do the simple calculations, see how much a bottom end OEM or aftermarket will cost, and compare it to how much your bike is going for on kijiji or craigslist. If it is not worth it EX. Bottom end / crank / bearings / seals = 500$ | ttr125 = 700$ I wouldn't be worth it in my eyes, doing countless of hours on it. Knocking would be the bottom end for sure, do some research.
  7. RipThatYZ250f

    YZ250F or fx

    For looks, the FX looks nicer in my opinion.
  8. RipThatYZ250f

    TTR 230

    I've saw videos, it ran good. But I heard it ran too hot?
  9. RipThatYZ250f

    1980 PE175

    I am no restoration expert, but it definitely sounds like the carburetor, look it over? See if it had any dirt that you just stirred up? Try to change the spark plug? Once it floods keep on pulling the spark plug out and put it in?
  10. Nice collection, sorry but 4000eruo for a 2004 WR450?
  11. RipThatYZ250f

    Best Graphics for a TTR-230?

    Read the title, is there any good graphics for a ttr-230 that aren't from senge? or rocky mountain atv?
  12. RipThatYZ250f

    TTR-230 Graphics kit? Whats the best?

    Hello, I currently bought new plastics because the original owner mixed and matched (yuck).. As I bought new plastics I would love to put new graphics on them. I ordered Rocky Mountain ATV black custom number plates hopefully they will match with my black Contour bars and black spoke skins. I saw this video on youtube of this build and these plastics were very very appealing to me. https://gyazo.com/b254e6626fc6b6f29df9943c64b6375f Would anyone help me try to find these or make these? I try to make them myself and... it didn't turn out good lol.
  13. Hello guys and girls. I am back with another question. I recently bought a new PowerCore 4 from FMF. My current details I ride from: 5 - 40* Celsius Current sea level: 120m above. Will I need to re-jet if so how? What jets do I need to get to get this bike running fine with the new pipe.
  14. RipThatYZ250f

    TTR 50 run w/o oil, won't start

    Never heard of babbits, a simple search and their website popped up. They look to be fine, there isn't any worry about these online retailers because you can always refund them easily through card holder etc. Great to hear you ordered some parts.. I would love some more updates on when you build it back up. Keep us updated