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  1. HA! How did I miss this? I hear ya bro, story of my life. It's hard enough to find decent shirts that fit properly....it would be impossible to find a chest protector that fits just right. I guess it's a height vs width thing.
  2. BUNK657

    Let's see your RM-Z450!

    Nice!!! Looks awesome!
  3. BUNK657

    Tracking Device for Off Road

    Thanks for the link! I had heard the Spot, but not the Garmin Inreach. After reading the reviews, it appears as though the Inreach is a quality product. I carry a Garmin Rhino 610 on my kit. It's been through Hell and back and has never let me down.
  4. This is probably a re-post, and I'm sure a lot of you have already seen it, but it'll cure boredom......while waiting for winter to be over with. Also I'm sure all the KTM guys will love it.
  5. Low 60's, out for ride, beautiful scenery........just rub it in will ya?!
  6. I have a 17 YZ450FX also. I love it. I got it used, the previous owner did a lot of upgrades so I got lucky. It's a lot of bike for me, first bike in over 20 years, but I was surprised about how smooth it is. Also, the pervious owner must have about my same size, seems like the bike is set up just right for me.
  7. You'll have to watch the video. The narrator mentions how Leatt teamed with BMW at their plant in Bavaria to conduct the research. He goes on to say that Leatt manufacturers neck braces for Alpinestar.
  8. Alpinestar braces are made by Leatt, not Atlas.
  9. I remember correctly, it's Alpinestar neck braces that are made by Leatt. I watched Leatt's YouTube video about how they conducted their research. In the video they mentioned how they produce braces for Alpinestar.
  10. Atlis neck braces are made by Leatt. Just say'n.
  11. I got over the "ego lifting" a few years ago when I did a complete tear on my left supraspinatus tendon. Back then I would either lift very heavy, or do everything to muscle failure. Now, when I am lifting heavy, I NEVER do a 1 rep max. I always stay at a weight that I can do at least 3-5 without any pain. When I'm in a HIIT cycle, it's all light weight, push ups, pull ups, light tire flips and etc. By the way, how did this thread go from neck braces to workouts? Haha, oh well. The back and forth rhetoric has been fun.
  12. Haha!!! Good one. I jump back and forth about every 5-6 weeks on my workouts. I'm on a powerlifting regiment right now. I switched last week because I was losing a lot strength and endurance on my HIIT weight workouts. So, I'll lift heavy/ low reps for a while and take a break. I'll jump back to HIIT, then throw in some high rep light weight and body weight workouts. Variety is where it's at!! FITT, FREQUENCY INTENSITY TIME TYPE
  13. Bro Crossfit is a cult, get out now. I know, right?! When i say crossfit I really mean High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). I know what you mean though. Some people take themselves WAY too serious when it comes to "crossfit".
  14. BUNK657

    Japanese vs European bikes.

    So I'm now back in the dirt bike game and maybe I don't really have a valuable opinion on this. However, shouldn't something be said about maintenance and upkeep for any bike? Japanese or European? Also, what about rider skills vs rather the bike is MX or enduro?