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  1. Philip Dahl

    KTM 450/500 EXC 17/18 seat options

    Hey, whatever works for you--stock is much much cheaper too. But for my old butt, and my wife's, the Fisher seat is an absolute godsend. And surprisingly, so far I have not noticed the wider portion of the seat to bother or affect my stand-up riding at all! Go figure. They said that their wider rear seat would most likely not be much of a bother at all (they were right)--and certainly the softer, better foam is worth any possible future issues. And heck, if I'm inclined to race it or something, it's just 2 screws and 2 minutes to fit the stock 2X4 back on there.
  2. Philip Dahl

    KTM 450/500 EXC 17/18 seat options

    Got a Fisher seat a while back for my '18 KTM 500EXC--plus 1" taller and 9" wide near rear--for some occasional 2-up riding. Seat was very pricey ($486 delivered), but exceeded my expectations in quality and comfort.
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    2001 Honda XR400R dirt bike. One owner, virtually mint condition. If you have been looking for one of these, please check out this offering. Probably could not find one in as good a condition as this one. Rev-Loc automatic clutch. FMF Quiet Pipe full exhaust system with spark arrester. Aluminum rear rack. SRC aluminum fork brace. Probably 600 to 800 miles on bike--see pictures of ORIGINAL sprockets and chain for best estimated usage. Have changed tires once and they are in very good condition. Always 100% synthetic oil--changed frequently. All hydraulic master cylinders flushed and new brake fluid replaced frequently. Engine has never been apart (except clutch cover for Rev-Loc install). Runs great--no smoking, leaks or drips. $3399 Call Philip @ 318-366-6872 for more pictures, details and info. Located in north Louisiana.