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    Measuring 2t bore

    You won’t need to go bigger unless you plan on having your cylinder bored out. Honing the cylinder will take off very little. A dial caliper will work as well. If you have your owners manual, it should say the exact bore of your cylinder as well
  2. Doodlebob

    Measuring 2t bore

    Just get on Rocky Mountain or Motorsport and enter your bike info and it should pull up the correct piston for you. It should also say it on your cylinder. A micrometer is the tool you’re looking for to measure it.
  3. Doodlebob

    RM125 High RPM

    Where’s a good place to start looking?
  4. Doodlebob

    RM125 High RPM

    I just completed a bottom end rebuild on my 01 RM125. When it started, the idle was insanely high, almost like it was stuck wide open. But I could still twist the throttle and it would rev even higher. It didn’t do this before the rebuild. Any tips?