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  1. Cody Ludlum

    Yz85 carb. Rubber gasket on inside is tore

    Yes, and sudco, everyone says that they are not available.
  2. Cody Ludlum

    Yz85 carb. Rubber gasket on inside is tore

    That gasket is for a bigger carb. I believe mine is a 28mm that is 33mm or bigger. I am going to try and repair mine, possibly cut that circle off and replace it with round oring I called. They don't offer the right one.
  3. Cody Ludlum

    Yz85 carb. Rubber gasket on inside is tore

    I found this kit on ebay. does that look like the right gasket? https://www.ebay.com/itm/28mm-Motorcycle-Carburetor-Repair-Rebuild-Kit-Fit-For-PWK-KEIHIN-OKO-Spare-Jets/122673726246?epid=2210568790&hash=item1c8fec8326&enc=AQADAAADAFjVrDbVsZ8oH%2F8PNHtt9VX4%2Fw7FZcmMuqsX8uaFEduVLUmGlJX61cpfcpokZtYC6AH%2BCkd5AR3lDhmbCL9aDsCreDhtcrTK4iblqap%2FoGGZo8Z9CkKIfwaj0Yl4JMtVTi5bhHOGUyzhDWjeQsEqEw9%2BCT2xjcdB6YLaLy1J%2BPicznw%2BNxXljqzVjWjc89lcSOJTciF0cR%2Fga05OBMED5FWCdtzdjiV24BEYRwGRdTXDj0aKOjLwcvkiv1fVNbshnO89P%2FR68mWxc4YRyJDiKfIxEMPtC3mEGGq7nRUp4HjJELQKWbLFNJvH1Q7WMqEdv5HAqkcm94qlMT7YXSpyjKj%2BUgTDOzmsSV64OgAEpAsCc%2BVDtkck2sOt8fF%2FXz5ZM6w8Bix0QlND3ItIBvKHguIxy2hfslNVyB%2BOlqHnsg%2BwO4tHpipMAxP9%2FCqZiObVUoPJoXjMSDDlGF86K4XujSpWDdYMlhn3qlP6csE9U1q3xXhcgmJkUmkWGjUe3SUfBiJaREkdd3j5DORqohChSjiJXgo2OxEqr1TQ2t7Dw9oUJMRE%2BR0hYL0Zw81VW%2Blsgr8Fci0yrQvR7zUKcKUJhf3TxKLkynL4uOpBVFIH6W4YZ5FDvbgpooR8woqxgUy8IvZvazow62OojNQT77%2BKHBUSnZSJR8IpQ1s6aUW7hUyb8vzvnGeSbN6nx67ZrxrQ87N7W58m%2BEiRYMvkIM%2Bemyq4uLbzavN64aQlu1eTiB9KP5pOC21LkfuV13GI%2FwzkxEbCa4lusv7N9pSY29hDM9IU4WRXrOwDwjkbH2A9Cqju2PdCByk4%2BB%2BcUItzAUbgwbg0fvGFVPv%2FrgOEXT3RS1IksD3WsbrqwIG51i3LsYoFjMDR6%2FyaOdqO628nl008Qa8IN1lI6ULCfLwj4toPO%2BSArpW%2Fc5j%2B1IJqYQRXUvvYTZgNa1YRQIWeXuyRMXyv3hN2MAsU213FWOQnweYuk5dkIrdgHPOOaIC5JiL0uI8aBzhyg6IDXr6hNlmgyGOQeg%3D%3D&checksum=122673726246868920abf6444531a34a26e6e3c3ba11&frcectupt=true&autorefresh=true
  4. Cody Ludlum

    Yz85 carb. Rubber gasket on inside is tore

    I pushed it back into place before I put it back together. Should I take it apart and try to heat it or leave it. Is there anyway to test if it is sealed? I called tokyomods and they said not available. any ideas on how to source Alternatively I have a oring kit. Can I just cut that oring out and install a round one, maybe use some rtv etc to hold in place until I can tighten it up?
  5. Cody Ludlum

    Yz85 carb. Rubber gasket on inside is tore

    Is it an issue? It looks like it would still seal. It ran just not well before I took carb off
  6. Cody Ludlum

    TTR125 with BBR big bore and VM24 jetting

    Not sure on needle I thought you were supposed to get jets figured out 1st. Then needle. Is that wrong?
  7. I was cleaning my carb and there are 2 star bit screws when I took them out I could see rubber gasket was damaged. It has a big part then 2 little circles. I think it still seals. I could find it on the parts list at partzilla.
  8. Cody Ludlum

    TTR125 with BBR big bore and VM24 jetting

    I went with a 32.5 pilot that seems very close. waiting for warmer weather to confirm. The top end still has issues just feels like it loses all power, almost like running out of gas at full throttle. it revs up fine at partial throttle. I went up to a 160. Should I go up one or 2 sizes bigger? I believe it is better then before (I had a 150).
  9. Cody Ludlum

    TTR125 with BBR big bore and VM24 jetting

    Hello, Over the winter I put a big bore kit on my TTR, and a FMF exhaust. It runs but the jetting is off. Hard to start, and seems to have no power on top end. Before the Big bore kit, it had some issues (would stall when decelerating) I have a 150 main jet, and a 27.5 pilot. I think it was pretty close to correct. When I talked to BBR they said on stock carb they go up 2 sizes on jets with big bore. Does that sound right? Any one have a similar setup? I didn't buy the VM24 I bought the bike with it, he said it was from sudco I believe, it should be a real vm24. it has the Hex head main jet if that matters? Also has anyone removed the starter? does it hurt anything? anyone make a block off plate? (my starter gear is toast, and my stator is non estart, no plans to put estart back on)
  10. Cody Ludlum

    First dirt bike...

    I second the ttr230 ( I think the crf is comparable) My dad bought one and for trail riding and learning they are great. I think I would get bored quickly but I have a wr450 so I am used to faster bikes. Unless your wife is very aggressive she may never outgrow the ttr230. I think your son will in a few years (or sooner). Like posted above, take care of it and sell for what you bought it. My dad bought his mint 2011 ttr230 for 2100$ I a believe. It looked brand new, the (I'm pretty sure stock) tires still have like 75% life in them
  11. Cody Ludlum

    Honest opinions on the 2015 WR450F, please!

    https://www.bikebandit.com/oem-parts/detail/yamaha/90890-03182-00/b1802969 Pretty sure this is where I got mine https://www.cmsnl.com/products/fi-diagnostic-tool_9089003182/
  12. Cody Ludlum

    YZ85 doesn't shift

    Is a case splitter necessary or just nice to have? I already have a few different pullers. Splitting cases is not something I have any intention of doing very often.
  13. Cody Ludlum

    Exclusive! Yamaha MT-07 DT - Debut

    I've seen these in person, they are very cool but the flat tracker just looks better to me
  14. Cody Ludlum

    Exclusive! Yamaha MT-07 DT - Debut

    I would like a street legal version. that looks great
  15. Cody Ludlum

    YZ85 doesn't shift

    That would be nice, I am not sure when I will have time to mess with it. Any how to or videos you would recommend on splitting it apart?