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  1. tedward540

    2017 / 2018 KTM 500 exc Vortex ignition

    I do have the caliper bracket and i have to swap it out when I change wheels, but its not a big deal. Its the same as the stock braket just longer. The warp 9 brakes are okay depending on your riding. Theyve been fine for me while learning to ride on the road, but now Im more comfortable and riding more agressive on the street, so when its time for new brakes Im gonna get a set of Motomasters rotors. The stock brembo is plenty for the street, but if I move back to the mainland where theres tracks to ride I may end up upgrading to the motomaster 4 piston caliper. But the more brake upgrades you do the more there is to swap over when you change wheels, so thats a consideration too. It may eventually end up being a dedicated supermoto if I can find a good deal on a cr125 woods beater.
  2. tedward540

    2017 / 2018 KTM 500 exc Vortex ignition

    I had many years not being able to afford riding since I was a kid, and my first bike as an adult now is a 2018 450exc. Also my first road legal bike, and ive spent the last year learning to ride on the street with it in hawaii of all places. I couldnt ask for a better combination of easily streetable short distance commuter and balls out power on the mx track by swapping between mx and sm wheels. Even got the wheel swap down to 20 mins or so ­čĹŹ Also im running the vortex on the sxf preset map, with fmf pipe and full desmog/uncork. Ive toasted liter bikes on the windy switchback mountain roads here, and I dont even consider myself that experienced of a rider. Its just that easy of a bike to ride with how smooth it delivers power. Next i just need some motomaster brakes now that im getting faster! The warp 9 wheels are nice, but the brakes feel chinsy.
  3. tedward540

    2017 / 2018 KTM 500 exc Vortex ignition

    I couldnt even find someone willing to reflash my stock ECU for me. The Vortex comes with some simple instructions and a spec sheet for the 10 preset maps. It comes with plug ins for custom mapping, and you can download software for it and tinker with it, but personally I'll just trust the guy who built it. Best 600 bucks you can spend on this bike if you plan on pulling reeds and exhaust upgrades.
  4. tedward540

    2017 KTM EXC-F 450 Six Days exhaust question

    Ive had the same problem with my '18 450 sixdays. I have the powercore 4 slip on, but havent had any luck finding a header. Mine has a vortex ecu, reeds pulled, desmoged, airbox mod etc. If anyone has figured out one that fits, let us know!
  5. What supermoto fender is everyone running on the '17 and '18 EXC's? The new ktms have the 2 extra holes where the fender mounts to the back of the triple clamp. Maybe theres someone selling an adapter bracket?
  6. tedward540

    Fuel mapping 2018 450 exc

    Alright time to update. Got my Vortex in today and tried it out. Also, pulled the reed cage and opened up the airbox a bit using the mods Jeff Slavens recommends. The bike does run much better. No flameouts, and it feels like a 450 should, loads of power everywhere in the rev range, I can't keep the front wheel down!! ­čśé Only thing is, the decel popping is really bad now. I thought this ecu is supposed to help with that but it made it worse. Anyone have any fixes for this? I'm running an fmf powercore 4 slip on if it matters. EDIT*** found out the cause of decel popping. There's a valve that injects fresh air into the exhaust. That air provides enough oxygen for the unburnt fuel to ignite. I just kinked the hose and zip tied it, and no more pop! Will be ordering Slavens block off plate and removing the valve now.
  7. tedward540

    ***Best looking KTM contest***

    All cleaned up after riding the red clay at Kahuku mx park in Hawaii! Custom graphics from a local dude back in NY. (changed from stock '18 6days Blasphemy! I know..)
  8. tedward540

    KTMandHUSKY Product Advice needed

    Alot of people sell them. I was talking about the products he develops himself and makes, not someone else's product that he carries. His products seem well made, I just don't think there's much R&D that goes into them whatsoever. Without any proof of theory for things like his bottom end kit, you're just taking the guys word for it that it works. If you trust his wheelie tests in his videos as proof of concept then by all means waste your money. But I'm just gonna run my vortex/fmf setup and ignore the BDSB hype
  9. tedward540

    KTMandHUSKY Product Advice needed

    Figured id weigh in. Did some research and just ordered a vortex for my 450. I'll be pulling the reed cage and de-smogging when it gets here and I'll post an update. Just based on research it seems like for about the same cost you could buy all of ktmandhusky's mods and maybe tell a bit of difference possibly sorta kinda... But ive seen nothing at all negative on the Vortex whatsoever. I cant speak for ktmandhusky's products as ive never ran them myself, but it seems its a clear no brainer to put your money elsewhere in a tried and true, proven product. As for the flameouts, its clearly not a fuel delivery issue, or else a tune would not improve it at all with the stock fuel rail. Yes, dave's rail may be better designed, metal instead of plastic, less restrictive etc, but does it need to be? It seems to be unnecessary over-engineering. Its clearly better than the stock rail, sure, but its solving a problem that doesnt exist. My problem lies with this guy telling people that fuel starvation is an issue that only he can solve with this product. If it were truly an issue there would be competitors making aftermarket fuel rails by now. But my main point is, why not just buy the vortex? Or a JD tuner if on a budget? No bad reviews on either anywhere I can find, and no accusations of snake oil.
  10. tedward540

    Fuel mapping 2018 450 exc

    Also just found this. https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/955/56024/GET-GP1-Power-ECU-(NO-CA) Anybody have any experience with this? Seems almost the same thing as Vortex for a little cheaper.
  11. tedward540

    Fuel mapping 2018 450 exc

    Slightly unrelated question... Anybody know if FMF has a header out for this bike yet? Last fall I ordered the powercore 4 slip on and megabomb header from their website, but the header wouldnt line up. I sent it back and got refunded and they told me they had a typo on their website saying it would fit. Theyve since updated their site and I have yet to find a header for this bike. Anyone else run into this? Possibly the header they have for the 500 or 350 would fit? I have some parts on my bike that are for the 350 because nothing was available for the 450 (integrated tailight/fender delete kit). Also, I decided to just pony up for the Vortex.. I can go without eating til payday, but the damn flameouts need to stop!!
  12. tedward540

    Fuel mapping 2018 450 exc

    Did you notice a power increase with the JD over stock? I'm trying to decide if 700 for the vortex is worth it if the JD will have the same result. I've seen some claims of 12 to 15 horsepower increase with vortex. Also, I'm running an fmf slip on and will be doing the header when they make one for this bike. I'll be removing the reed cage too when I decide on tuning. Sounds like the vortex will get me the most out of my mods whereas the JD will just fix my lean running issue?
  13. tedward540

    Fuel mapping 2018 450 exc

    Is the Vortex worth spending 500$ more than a JD tuner? I know the JD just enhances the stock ecu where the Vortex replaces it. For the price I would expect some seriously noticable power gains. I'm kinda mad about the whole reflash ban. That was my plan, but after buying the bike in November discovered no shops near me would do it.
  14. The 350, 450, and 500 are all street legal for 2018, but I believe only the sixdays model 450 is road legal, so you'll pay a little more than the other 2. That's what I have and I love it, but idk if it would be much different from your current bike. Sounds like youre primarily trail riding. Id go with the 350 if youve got your heart set on a new bike, its a little lighter and more nimble off road, but either one will be great. But in reality, I think the difference you'll feel from your 14 350 will be negligible.