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  1. Man what a bike. This is my first KTM and love it. I got the new 450sxf. Kind of weird not having a kick starter but I think I'll Manage.lol
  2. r1ray

    Kenda stickys

    I have run the millville sticky for a few rides now and love the tires. Ray
  3. r1ray

    Kibblewhite or RHC?

    A few of my friends and I run kibble whites with no problems. RHC makes good stuff also. Ray
  4. r1ray

    Continuously Losing Rad Fluid

    I second the Evans coolant. Best stuff I have used yet. Ray
  5. r1ray

    Kenda "Sticky"

    I run the Milleville sticky and they hook up good.
  6. I own 1 of each model.
  7. Fork oil level controls bottoming resistance on forks. If your a big jumper get them fixed. Ray
  8. r1ray

    02 4 fiddy kibblewhite or

    I run the kibble white setup in my 02 and have no issues. No adjustments so far. Ray
  9. r1ray

    Chadwick Sun. anyone

    We are heading to Chadwick Sun. morning at 10 a.m if anyone is interested in going. We'll park at camp ridge. Ray
  10. r1ray

    pro action

    My bike has them as well and seems good. Ray
  11. r1ray

    Chadwick 3/24-25th.

    A few friends and I ride there on Sundays. If you come give me a shout and maybe we can go riding.
  12. r1ray

    Trials Vids

    I could watch that for hrs. Ray
  13. r1ray

    Stillwater 500 Acres Pictures

    That place looks like a ton of fun. Ray
  14. r1ray

    Cleanest Bike!

    Wow, thats clean. And nice