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    CRF450x supermoto problem!

    ALL HELP appreciated. Bike: 2006 CRF450x Supermoto Back story: about 3 weeks ago went down on the pavement the bike landed on the left side, nothing broken other than bent shifter and a broken foot peg bolt. [to what I can see]. Rode home the bike (in pain) the bike sat for about 3 weeks while I let my body heal and worked on getting out the broken bolt and replacing the bent shifter. [Bike and Body ready to ride again] The following ensues. Day 1: Started the bike up no problem using the electric start (seemed little bit louder than normal) rode down the street after about 5-6min of riding bike started to bog and wanting to die after slowing down for a red light the bike died. Would not start electric start or a kick, had to do the walk of shame and push the bike out of the road traffic. Got the bike started back up 5 mins later with choke on and on the ride home the same thing happen once more. That night did a oil change and looked at the coolant [ full to the brim] Day 2: After thinking about it... thought maybe my idle screw messed up from the crash. started to messed with the idle and the fuel screw. This seemed to some what help and got a quick 15min ride in no problems running a bit rich maybe had some backfires. Day 3: Added slip on FMF muffler that I ordered to replace the other crappy aftermarket muffler. took the bike out side and the electric start didn’t work just clicked away.. the bike started with the choke on using the kick start. [did not want to start as easy as it always does AT ALL] bike idled high for 1 min while I tinkered with the idle and fuel screws again, noticed smoke coming from the water pump area [front lower right] a plastic tube was touching the water pump maybe causing the smoke. turned off bike immediately. after the bike was off a small bit of white smoke was coming out the exhaust [not like oil smoke like (fire-ish) smoke maybe due to the brand new slip on.] So... what does everyone think whats my next move. Did I clog up my radiator when I a crashed? Break my water pump? Is the bike overheating? mess up my fueling? Please let me know! thank you.