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  1. umthat1kid

    My XR440EX with rack and mods.

    Lookin good
  2. umthat1kid

    XR400 Sprocket sizing

    So after a 850 mile baja ride all off road its time to change my chain and sprocket, couple teeth have actually broke off lol Im running stock gearing 15/45 on my 03 xr400 and questioning stepping up to 48 in the rear. I ride a lot of desert and a lot of hard enduro single track in the woods. My question is if i will still be able to pull 5th gear in the desert/baja with the 48 to keep up with my homies on 450x's. If anyone wants to share there experiences with xr400 gearing let me know thanks!
  3. umthat1kid

    dumb XR400 Oil check question

    So ive checked my 2003 xr400 oil many times in the past correctly, I did a correct oil change about a month and a half ago, just now wanted to check the oil level and after warming it up for 5 minutes, riding up the street and back shifting through all gears, get back shut it off and immediately, wipe all the oil off the dipstick, check it, and barely any oil comes up on the dipstick, maybe a drop. I doubt it could be that low on oil? no leaks or anything, havent noticed it burning smoke or anything weird. any help/suggestions appreciated thanks
  4. umthat1kid

    WR250F to XR250-400

    I don’t know much about the WR’s, but all I’m saying is once you go XR you’ll never go back. In love with my XR400
  5. Awesome, you guys just got my purchase thanks to your great customer support. One more question. So I just buy the DC one and it’s pretty much plug and play?
  6. Wow thanks so much for the quick reply! What if I wanted to run this https://www.bajadesigns.com/products/Squadron-Sport-MC-LED-Race-Light.asp My shell is messed and I just want to replace the whole thing. Could I do that?
  7. Hey guys, So I’ve been thinking about this for a while now and the whole electrical deal confuses me. The squadron comes in either AC or DC power. From research I’ve found that the XR400s stator runs both??? So which one to buy...AC or DC. On the Baja designs website it says You can run DC without changing the stock stator. Currently I’m running the regular Baja designs dual sport kit. Any info would be awesome
  8. umthat1kid

    Honda XR250R & XR400R Pictures

    Here’s a couple pics of my baby, 2003 XR400. Picked’Er up on Craigslist a couple months ago for a deal. Scott’s stabilizer, white brothers exhaust, skid plates, trail tech vapor speedo, bark busters, Baja designs led dual sport kit, desert tank, new seat and a few other goodies. Too much fun
  9. umthat1kid

    How to start an XR400

    Aweosme post, I just the carb rebuilt and rejetted for my 03 XR400 and it seems to take longer to start now than it did before I took it into the shop! I’m going to use the method you talked about, and if no luck im taking it back to the shop.
  10. umthat1kid

    Spoke with my ...... 1994 XR250r Street Legal

    Hell yeah man, shes lookin clean n mean!
  11. umthat1kid

    carb overflow tubes leak when gas on

    hey all, thanks for all the tips!! I ended up draining the rest of the gas that was in the carb and pumped some compress air up the overflow tubes in hopes to un stick the float. And It worked! got lucky.
  12. Hey guys, Newbie in town here. I recently got a 2003 xr400 and love it! have only ridden it up and down the street so far because of one problem. the second I turn the gas switch on the carb over flow tubes spew gas. it will run great with no gas dripping but the second I stop and idle (and turn off the bike) the tubes just spew gas out. carb has recently been cleaned. any suggestions/ tips would be great. ive done a ton of research but just havent busted this problem yet. Thanks! Ryan