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  1. Helicoil. Looks like some of the heads on the other fasteners are boogered up as well, might want to just replace those to avoid future headaches.
  2. Drummer Rob

    Ktm XC 300 as my first bike

    Riding any dirt bike is like playing with a snake, sooner or later it's gonna bite you. Just take it easy and have fun.
  3. Drummer Rob

    1999 yz125 won’t start

    That diagram shows 5.
  4. Drummer Rob

    1999 yz125 won’t start

    Part # 21 on this diagram, pilot jet, it's plugged. https://www.bike-parts-yam.com/yamaha-motorcycle/125-MOTO/1999/YZ/YZ125/CARBURETOR/2004_58900-58900/07/0/41139
  5. Drummer Rob

    Repairing decal stickers

    You can try cleaning everything well with alcohol then apply a clear nail polish for the adhesive.
  6. Drummer Rob

    buying a dirtbike

    What year and how many hours YZ? Have you performed a compression test? If it was an "easy" fix the bike would have already been repaired. With used dirt bikes chances are good the bike has already sucked the life blood out of the previous owner and they are simply trying to cut their losses and palm it off on somebody else.
  7. Video games, Doritos & Red bull. Millennials on Track to be Most Obese Generation in History https://www.healthline.com/health-news/how-labels-and-instagram-fuel-obesity#Technology-makes-a-surge “We don’t want to put up with their temper tantrums or them inconveniencing our meal, so we throw the iPad in their face. From a young age they are given things that make them sit there, be silent, watch a screen and really encourage being sedentary,”
  8. Drummer Rob

    Help identifiying what model ktm was give to me

    1993 200EXC
  9. Drummer Rob

    KTM feeling sluggish

    Have you performed a compression test? How did you go about cleaning the carburetor? What color was the spark plug insulator?
  10. Godspeed Mr. Hamp.
  11. Drummer Rob

    Crf 230f motor

    Buy a beater bike for parts and swap engines.
  12. Drummer Rob

    Restoring This Bike?

    That's almost T-shirt worthy. lol
  13. Why not just remove the logos first and start with a clean slate?
  14. Drummer Rob

    Pw50 won't rev

    What's missing fuel or spark?
  15. Drummer Rob

    Do you think I should get a bike?

    I'll bet the little lady was also thoughtful enough to insure your life for a couple of million too huh?