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  1. ktmHolland

    Your oldest dirt bike photo ..

    Love that RM
  2. ktmHolland

    All New 2019 Yamaha WR450F Announced

    Well that's what I meant. Why would nobody want a back up. just don't want to start a debate over it. By the way I have a e start, kick start and if they both go I can start it with my rekluse installed
  3. Cant believe I just read all this crap
  4. ktmHolland

    2 Stroke oil???

    Run it in your cr 250 then. I'm sure it will run but for how long.
  5. ktmHolland

    Yz125 throwing white smoke

    Might need a new one
  6. Yes to this. They have more authority than the state police here.
  7. ktmHolland

    Yz125 throwing white smoke

    Pull the head on top of the jug and you will be able to see if coolant is getting in there. Look up head removal on you tube for yz 125 two stroke.
  8. ktmHolland

    Yz125 throwing white smoke

    Head gasket?
  9. ktmHolland

    Good items to replace while top end is off?

    I wouldn't worry about it. If it was all pitted up from ingesting something or something else that shinny spot in the middle would be to I would think.
  10. ktmHolland

    Radiator fan kit on 2017 300 xcw

    Don't need the extra harness. I had the same problem finding the trail and bought the ktm one. I have the exact bike as you and you will find the plug connector under your tank wire tied to the frame and has a white tag on it that says fan. Very easy to install and the orange temp gauge looks better to lol
  11. ktmHolland

    2 Stroke oil???

    I wouldn't do it myself. Love my bike to much and paid to much. Its not a 25cc weed wacker.
  12. ktmHolland

    Ktm plastic conversions

    Sorry, don't know why my stupid lap top keeps posting in the wrong topic.
  13. Very easy here in NH also. Have my ktm 300 xcw street legal. You can even register a side by side here.
  14. ktmHolland


    You wont be disappointed. Good luck and keep me updated lol