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  1. dizzer98

    Dr650 scrambler wiring

    Wow what a unicorn!
  2. dizzer98

    Has anyone seen this happen before

    In my opinion this is the most intelligent answer. I agree. If the bike is running rich enough it can cause after burn problems. And that’s a decent jump in jetting. I would put money on it this could have been happening for a while but it finally made that component come loose causing a hot spot in the exhaust or a redirection of gas flow around the components making the color change appear. See if you can lean it up a tad and go from there. Or just leave it and send it
  3. dizzer98

    Dr650 scrambler wiring

    What year is your bike?
  4. dizzer98

    Dr650 scrambler wiring

    You are all good this would Atleast give me a place to start!
  5. dizzer98

    Dr650 scrambler wiring

    Wow that should help a lot! Do you know if the outputs of the stator are the same?
  6. dizzer98

    Dr650 scrambler wiring

    Yes the one that I’m looking at already has one. I believe it’s a 94
  7. dizzer98

    Dr650 scrambler wiring

    I am looking at purchasing a dr650 to build a scrambler. I would like to know if anyone has any experience with tucking wires on a dr. Or if someone has any idea at all on good ways to do it. I’m thinking of getting rid of the battery and all. Making it as simple as possible. No high and low beam no turn signals.

  8. dizzer98

    Drz trike conversion?

    Does anyone know of any quad swing arms that could possibly work for a drz to put a four wheeler rear axle on? I know I saw one that a guy used a yfz450. Any info would be greatly appreciated!
  9. dizzer98

    FCR MX Ultimate Jetting

    I’m assuming that means better economy as well because of the pilot change?
  10. dizzer98

    Delkevic exhaust

    That was my only other thought was just go all out and buy MRD right off the bat.
  11. dizzer98

    Delkevic exhaust

    Well you could be right but without knowing measurements it’s hard to tell if it’s better or worse than anything else. It appears to me from pictures that the header actually has a more shallow bend. You know that big hoop they put in them. Which would flow better technically. I have not seen any other company’s that have done that. And the header is where the power is made not the slip on.
  12. dizzer98

    Delkevic exhaust

    I’m just poking around for an exhaust to add when I do my 3x3 mod. I came across on amazon a delkevic full exhaust I was wondering if anyone had any experience with them? Is the header a larger diameter than stock? Does anybody have any opinions?
  13. dizzer98

    eBay wheels

    I would probably buy a second set of sm rotors for the dirt wheels to make that all easy and would look into going down in gearing to make it a little more adamant at the hilly and rough terrain. Not too much lower 2 or 3 on the back or maybe one on the front. And get an extra chain of course
  14. dizzer98

    eBay wheels

    Thanks dudes!