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  1. Not a bad idea! I will tie in smaller bikes perpendicular to save space, but I occasionally haul some 1200 adventure bikes and it would we be tough to go perpendicular and wrestle the rear ends around. I went ahead with the project after my initial post, so time will tell how it works with the big bikes.
  2. I'm obviously a newbie on the TT forum, but a long time rider and hauler of things two-wheeled. I've been perusing all the threads on TT for enclosed trailer set up ideas. I just sold my old 7x12 and have a 7x16 v nose. Wanting to maximize efficiency and leave room for an occasional fourwheeler or SxS I've been kicking around the idea of loading the bikes on a slant. Here's some pics of what I am considering. The mock up with my little CRF was rock solid. If I go this route, I will cut the etrack mounting ring in half and weld it to the nose of the wheel hoop-- but I want it to swivel from 45-90 degrees. The mock-up just has hose clamps holding the ring to the hoop but it was completely solid. I figure the advantages are extremely quick to remove everything, nothing on the floor and easy to space the chocks depending on bike type/size... Thought I would throw this out to the collective to for comment prior to putting a bunch of holes in the new trailer!