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  1. Charles Gunzelman

    Think I messed up my DR350 clutch trying to adjust it...

    I'm going to double check the placement of them tonight when I put my clutch gasket in. I forgot something the first time I reassembled the clutch basket and it was binding on the engine case or something else behind the primary. I don't mind taking it apart a 3rd time.
  2. Charles Gunzelman

    dr350se wont rev past 4000rpm

    Make sure the port facing up from the plastic cover on the CV carb is not plugged, and if you are not using the small vacuum port directly below it facing the exaust pipe, make sure that one is plugged. When I first got my bike I believe it was capped and caused weird startup issues. It also does weird things when connected to the vacuum port below it. It should be vented to atmosphere. I plan to connect mine to the airbox in the future to keep sand out of the diaphragm.
  3. Charles Gunzelman

    Think I messed up my DR350 clutch trying to adjust it...

    Which washers?
  4. Charles Gunzelman

    Kick Start Lever Options?

    Does anyone know what other bikes have the same splines and close enough shape to fit between the engine and frame on DR350 and DR250? Stock levers are expensive and I can't find anything aftermarket. The splines are 20mm and a course spline, but I'm not sure what other engines have the same number of splines. I believe the RM250 spline is the same, but the lever is the wrong curve for the DR frame.
  5. Charles Gunzelman

    dr350se wont rev past 4000rpm

    I would try to find someone nearby to try their CDI.
  6. Does anyone know? I know they had it in 99, but I'm looking at a 97 in the next state over. I can't tell from the pictures and the seller hasn't responded yet.
  7. Charles Gunzelman

    Price check on ‘99 dr350s high mileage

    Great find. Yours even has fork boots! I installed neoprene Acerbis knockoffs from ebay. Got em for $8 and the logo was blurred out, didn't know until I opened them.
  8. Charles Gunzelman

    Let's talk skidplates

    lots of DR talk on advrider. Other than that, I'm not sure. I frequent both.
  9. Charles Gunzelman

    Price check on ‘99 dr350s high mileage

    Mine had 4700 miles on the odometer, but the speedo was broken so I really don't know how many miles it was. Got it for $600 in "not running condition". I got it running before handing over cash. The vacuum hose for the petcock was disconnected. Came with street front tire and a UFO front fender not pictured. No signals or tail light.
  10. Charles Gunzelman

    1990 DR350S

    Jessie is semi-retired and is no longer answering tech questions. Is there a chart of his recommendations posted somewhere?
  11. Charles Gunzelman

    Thumb adjustable fuel air screw

    I found a cheap extended idle screw that works for electric start models with a little modification. https://advrider.com/f/threads/dr350-thread.230695/page-2806#post-35376196
  12. Charles Gunzelman

    Suzuki dr350

    What info are you looking for?
  13. Charles Gunzelman

    DR 350 No compression

    You said there's puffs of air coming out of the head on the right side? The bolt on the side of the head could be missing, or your head gasket could be blown.
  14. Charles Gunzelman

    1997 DR350SE - Carb fuel line routing

    Yes the main vent is larger and towards the rear of the carb. Your vacuum cap is the in right place. I did not have the bottom brass nipple and have to assume thedktor is correct and it also needs to be capped to prevent a major vacuum leak. There are DR350 vent diagrams around. https://advrider.com/f/threads/dr350-thread.230695/page-1040#post-23451498
  15. Charles Gunzelman

    DR650 shock swap question

    Worst case, you resell the shock on ebay. I would go for it.