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  1. Dertyone

    First ride on the 2019 Beta 200RR

    Baseman, if you hate kicking I’ll take your kicker! I’m sure our dealer could make it work on my 19 300.
  2. Dertyone

    New Counter Balanced 2020 Beta Motorcycles

    It says RR on the upper Right gas tank/radiator shroud
  3. Dertyone

    DBC all in in 2020 Beta

    That guy sounds drunk when he talks! 🤔 like that sound. Should be played in every waiting room and on hold music!
  4. Dertyone

    DBC all in in 2020 Beta

    Life’s a garden, Dig it! Joe Dirt Don’t sweat the petty stuff, just Pet the sweaty stuff! Dertyone
  5. Dertyone

    DBC all in in 2020 Beta

    I’m offended that everyone else is offended what others ride. Beta is the best and everyone knows it. Seen it on the internet so it must be true! Back on topic. Kyle has a brand and a following so its cool he does his thing. I enjoy riding as a hobby and would probably not like it as much if it was my full time job.
  6. Dertyone

    DBC all in in 2020 Beta

    No, he was asking you if you just passed gas!
  7. Dertyone

    DBC all in in 2020 Beta

    My 2 cents or is it sense? I chose the 19 Beta for my new bike for 3 reason. 1 chicks dig them, 2 best dealer experience with http://www.afterhourscycle.com/, and 3) because it wasn’t an orange bike and just like 90% of the bikes you see on the trails! i watch DBC for amusement and don’t have a problem with him. I think it is funny how the Orange crowd gets sensitive when there’s competition now. Competition is great for us consumers and keeps manufacturers honest and hopefully, produce products riders want. Since owning my bike this year, I’ve had more people comment (nice bike) and start a conversation on what brand and bike it is.
  8. Dertyone

    New Counter Balanced 2020 Beta Motorcycles

    Think he was implying you all work with shallow wells!
  9. Dertyone

    New Counter Balanced 2020 Beta Motorcycles

    Red are saying to put an inline fuel filter on it or is there something else? I’m really liking my 2019 300 RR. Glad I got the last of the non CB bikes. I’m shaking so hard right now from the vibrations, I can barely type 😆
  10. Dertyone

    Intermediate on a 300RR?

    I see the Geriatric GNCC Colorado Series coming in the near future!
  11. Dertyone

    2018 XTrainer - broken rear shock

    Sorry to hear Marbfe501. Glad you made it out with some redneck engineering. PM Motoxgiant on here as he might have a fix for you. He’s pretty handy with the Xtrainer suspension!
  12. Dertyone

    New Counter Balanced 2020 Beta Motorcycles

    I concur. I think the new 2020 Betas are great and the little price increase is so they can pay professional riders to race their bikes. You know Beta can’t sell bikes if they aren’t winning on Sunday!!!
  13. Dertyone

    New Counter Balanced 2020 Beta Motorcycles

    Poor Kyle at Dirtbike channel. Hopefully he didn’t cry in the shower over this. He had a nice Beta 390 he could’ve been riding as he dropped the Kato off at the dealer!!!! I heard KTM is short for “Keep Taking My Money” 😱
  14. Dertyone

    Beta 2020 here we come!

    It might mean that they won’t charge you extra for a “LowBoy Model”. That would be a plus to new riders and vertically challenged riders who are limited to the stock bikes they can buy at dealers. Great way to get people to try your brand!
  15. Dertyone

    Beta 2020 here we come!

    Just for shitz n gigz I went through the byob steps on the website, seemed to work but Idk. Only thing i want atm is a 200 with hand guards and eventually one of those badass medieval lookin pipe guard/skid plates if theres any out there. Not sure if I'll want to delete the oi, but I'll figure that out in time i suppose. I'll have to contact a dealer when I get the chance. Just do it 230 Sausage. I can’t wait to call you 2 Hundo Sausage. Actually, I’m getting that screen name now and will sell it to you for a 6 pack of PBR, when you pick up the bike and post a pic with a big smile on your face!!!