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  1. Slight change in plans...…. I planned to sell this bike without any dealers. Why? Two reasons. 1. It takes a lot of energy and time to recruit and set up a dealer network. 2. I've been working with dealers for almost 40 years and I'm just tired of it. Most dealers just don't get excited about the product anymore. I understand why. They live and breathe that dealership constantly. The only time they're not thinking about their business is when they're sleeping. Their business isn't a brand like Jotagas, it's their dealership. I enjoy talking to customers because they are excited about your product. So what's the change? I've had about 10 of my dealers from the last brand call me and ask if they could buy one. If they want to be dealers for JTG then ok. So I will have some dealers. Price will be the same.
  2. And KTM North America carried over 3000 street bikes from 2018 so they're offering better deals on them. The VP of sales was demoted to VP of PG&A over this.
  3. No my fabricator has the bike now. We took the engine out of a Sherco SEF 500 and put the Panthera engine in the frame. I'm waiting on an exhaust now. He should have it done in a few weeks. If you will drop me an email I will send you some pics next week. clay@jotagasoffroad.com By the way I'm just building the bike. Then I was going to ship it to Panthera and let them put the track on it. I'm in Tennessee so I have ZERO experience with snow tracks. And this will be a full on operating bike with a 98hp engine!
  4. How much do you want to spend? I'm building one with the Panthera 550cc two stroke engine.
  5. The biggest difference that I see between the Chinese and Japanese is that the Chinese only know how to copy where the Japanese were innovating and building new bikes back in the day. You can't give the Chinese a concept and get them to build it. You pretty much have to give them finished drawings or an actual part to copy. That's not to say that the Chinese can't build quality stuff. They certainly can.
  6. Yeah Thumpstar is planning to buy engines from JTG and then using Chinese components on it. They say they're aiming it at MX.
  7. Where's that "that palm to the forehead" emoji when you need it? 😂
  8. Lol!!!! Is there hardly any bicycle part not built in Taiwan? I talked to the Fox people and they told me they had stopped building shocks for motorcycles here because they had moved bicycle shock production to Taiwan and no longer had a place to build motorcycle shocks. That's an interesting idea. on the rafts. Thanks!
  9. Have you guys in the US ever wondered why (or even noticed) that a two stroke KTM XC or XCW or EXC is more than $1000 more than an SX model? Actually now they're $1500 higher but the XC has TPI. That's because KTM screws the off road guy to subsidize the lower price to try to compete with Japanese MX prices. I know this to be true because I sat in those pricing meetings and listened to those decisions being made. KTM in the US did not try to make a certain margin per bike but tried to make a certain margin overall. Back around 2006 I remember KTM was making 40% on the 400 EXC and was losing about $25 on the 105 SX because they were trying to keep the cost low on that model. Basically a 105 costs the same as a 125 to build but customers expect it to be cheaper because its for kids. Anyway......You guys that ride KTM or Husky offroad bikes are paying more for the same bike while the MX'er who rides those brands gets a better deal. One other thing....have you noticed that the Euro bikes go up in price when the dollar is weak compared to the Euro but doesn't come down when it gets stronger? It's not that simple actually because an OEM who has dealers who carry over last years bikes have to worry about price protection. What that means is that if the dollar got much stronger in one year the OEM couldn't drop prices the same percentage without dropping prices on the unsold inventory from the prior year in dealerships. They would have to "price protect" those units in the dealership or the older bikes would cost more than the current year bikes. Again......shameless plug.....I expect the Jotagas to come in at around $8500. About $1500 less than a KTM/Husky/Sherco/Beta Factory model.
  10. Thx for checking in. JTG is building engines now. They are waiting on tanks and body plastic from Polisport. I hope to have an enduro model, a trials model and a couple of e-bikes air freighted here in time for the Redbull Override in TX 12/7 and 8. I still plan to have bikes here in January.
  11. Shameless plug here...…. I'm bringing in Jotagas enduro, trials and e-bikes into the US starting in January. I'm going to sell them direct to the customer and that will save you $1500 on the bike and about 30% to 40% on the parts.
  12. Sounds like a fast way for you to get in trouble since there is currently no resale market for used JTG bikes. That sort of worked for Harley but everybody has heard of them. Same thing happened with Sherco. I had a lot of people call me looking for used ones and I sold a lot of used ones for guys. SInce I'm the go to for JTG then I'll be the go to for used JTG motorcycles too. And it gives the first time buyer some confidence that he can sell his used one which helps me sell him a new one. Good point. And the buyer will feel better about buying a used one because he knows we will have gone thru it.
  13. Hey guys I'm thinking about a guaranteed trade in program. If you buy a 2020 JTG you're guaranteed $xxxx trade in on a new one. Thought? And what would be an acceptable number to offer? $2000 depreciation? $3000? $1000? Then we would take the bike and go thru it, new top end, grease/replace all the bearings, new chains and sprockets and tires. What do you think?
  14. They haven't! That one was hard! But that's not the seat that will come on the bike.
  15. Yeah they are buying the engine from JTG and then the rest of the bike is built from components sourced in China.
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