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    You all are awesome! I couldnt find these sites through google. Thank you!
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    Just discovered this bike and it checks all of the boxes for what I want a bike to do. It'll take me to work and I can hit the trails with my dirt bike buddies. I have no intentions of going on the interstate so the fastest I'll be going is 55mph. Im just seeking pointers of what to look for when buying one. I've found one with an acerbis tank, corbin seat, frame guards etc.. for $1800 but it has 34,000 miles. Is that a little high for these bikes? If so whats a good mileage to look for when buying one? What should I check when inspecting a potiental bike?
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    DR650 off road

    Am I crazy to think that I should get a DR650 to have as a street and dirt bike? I am expierenced on both dirt and street but had to sell the toys because life. Recently I got my fiance a crf230f and she is doing great for her first time ever riding. My thought is that since I will be riding a lot with her that the DR could putt along the trails with her but also be a spare vehicle when needed. However I live in TN and the trails here can get rough and the hills steep. So after watching ADVENTURE OZ and the other DR channels. Im under the assumption that I could pull the DR through the woods since im young and durable still. The trails we will ride are big enough for 4 wheelers usually but we might do some single track. So with some suspension upgrades, will the DR make the cut?
  5. Betweene me and my friends we had 4 kx450f's, 2 09, a 2011 and a 2013. All got hot easily. The 11 and 13 had some performance parts added so that could cause they. I was the only one who coupd ride the bike without adding oversized radiators and cooling fans. However all threeof my friends had recluse clutches and I didn't, do that might have to do something with it. Another friend has a 06 klx450 and that thing hates starting in the cold but you could leave it idleing forever ave it wouldnt overheat. So idk lol.
  6. What is better about the CR chassis? And can you convert it as easy as the YZ?
  7. I dont have a YZ, just curious, out of the 4 Japanese bikes YZ, KX, RM, and CR, is there any difference in how they ride/preform? My last bike was a 09 kx450f, don't own it anymore, and I tore up the woods with it. However it had to be ridden at a good pace so it wouldnt overheat and allow you to use the momentum to move the weight rather than fighting it. Im going the 250 rout since I did ride a KX125 for a time but it was a little weak. So my thought is that the 250 is a good mix of the two.
  8. Hey everyone, Im just seeing everyones opinion about weather to buy a YZ250X or just convert a MX 250 for the woods. I do mainly trail riding and sometimes track once in a blue moon. European bikes are out of the question because my pockets are not deep enough for the cost of bike and maintenance. However I'm open to suggestions. *Please don't turn this into a brand war, I dont care and no one else cares.