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  1. ok i took the cover off and it was all orange stuff covering the hall thing
  2. Yes, you need to open up the power valve case and spray it in there. That normally works for me. I have a KTM 300. With my bike it has a power valve case on either side of the motor, so I have to remove the header pipe to get to the case on the right. and just quirt wd40 in it or ????
  3. open up the power valve case or squirt it into the exhaust port?
  4. the best is a rotary engine
  5. what is better for racing and trail riding?
  6. okay thanks i will check the crank bearings
  7. it oils up the plugs
  8. i have rebuild the top end and did the oil seals
  9. well there's the problem
  10. what the?
  11. no get a 2 stroke then ur right
  12. race 4 strokes are suppose to do like 5 laps of a track witch is about 7 min each and u have about 7 races a year then u rebuild them at the end of the year if u ad it all up its not that many hours until it goes
  13. ah ha!! you mite need to do the rings on the old girl have u ever adjusted the valves on it?
  14. how much oil does it eat
  15. so i was pulling down my bike to give it a fresh pair of rings in it and i flipped over the head and one side was burnt and the other not ?????