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  1. Deb Tatum

    Suzuki RM 250 - What year ?

    Umm, . . . Call the cops maybe? Duh.
  2. Deb Tatum

    Joined the club

    The ladies really like the skunk shit stripe up the middle of a real mans back. We are all cranky on here because we use motorcycles as a substitute for sex. This is why my 3*3 mod is round. If the SO reads this she'll take away my motorcycle too, that's why I'm on page 3.
  3. Deb Tatum

    What should I ask?

    $1800 to 2000 bike IMO. If this is the 14-year-olds first bike a WR250 is too much power unless you like medical bills and time off work. Like everyone else has said, kids don't take care of stuff that is given to them, so my vote is: get him a beater bike and use the leftover money for tools so he learns how to work on stuff. This way he doesn't turn out like my brother who looks like he has some physical disability when you put a screwdriver in his hand and ask him to use it.
  4. Deb Tatum

    First rough road flung my rear sigs off

    My first motorcycle, 80 XT250, never had these issues, and I crashed a lot back then. Just another reason I stick with Japan bikes.
  5. Deb Tatum

    Plated 650R vs 650L. Whats your choice?

    The R is made for big tall men with big balls; the L is made for everyone.
  6. Deb Tatum

    How to get out of a hole

    Sitting on my couch reading about other peoples f-ups is sounding better and better. This thread is also making me more paranoid about riding by myself; didn't think that was possible.
  7. Snow bikes run cold. This is because they use engines designed to run in 40 to 100 degree F weather. Fuel condenses on the cylinder walls of a cold running motor and then gets dragged down into the motor by the rings. This is why u have fuel in your crankcase oil Honda650RRR. Buy a two-stroke for snowbiking and this problem disappears.
  8. Deb Tatum

    Boot dilemma - which ones?

    Go on Rocky Mountain ADV/MC website and watch all their motorcycle boot videos. I bought the Falco Avantour; has a plastic ankle hinge and fits a wide foot.
  9. Deb Tatum

    Noob Check-In

    Have Shinko 705, 805's and a Cheater on 3 different bikes. The 805's on my DRZ have good wear characteristics for the street, but it slips around in the dirt a lot. A 705 will be worse off road than an 805; go with Shinko 805s. Because front tires last so much longer I'd put a Shinko 244 on the front.
  10. Deb Tatum

    Taking suggestions for beautifying my bike

    I'm with the get some mud and scratches on it crowd. Then you can stop at the local dirtbike bar with some cred and develop your groupie click. Women love a dirty man in body armor. I also like the paint it orange idea and write KTM all over it. For me one of the bonus benefits of dirtbikes is that keeping them pretty and clean takes too much time, thus you get a pass on cleanliness. The only time a rag touches my bikes is when I'm working on them.
  11. Deb Tatum

    15 yz450f or 16 crf450r

    Yamaha motor is more reliable, but then it's beat. I detest the single cam CRF line of bikes.
  12. Deb Tatum

    Best Ramp Type/Length

    That folding step/ramp is cool, and you'd be the envy of every planker.
  13. Deb Tatum

    Buying a new bike...which?

    If you are stuck on 4 strokes I'd go with a bulletproof Yamaha. That said, I also vote for a two-stroke; more fun and easier to work on. Two strokes are a win-win; just buy a larger fuel tank.
  14. Deb Tatum

    Since I can't ride......

    Hawaiian motif I see. Wheelies are legal in some state? Where? I knocked out a tooth on an unpadded crossbar with a full-face helmet on. "In N. Idaho, it was the correct blend of tightness on both counts and the combination of the jeans, driving a lifted truck, and toting a sidearm only added to the beautiful mystery that is, the elusive cute redneck woman." In Mantana (next to Idaho) this is a tranny. I went temporarily blind from seeing fat yoga panted White Trash in the local ghetto mart. Idaho has better riding. All men and tranny's should go there to ride instead of Mantana. I enjoyed reading this thread very much, politics and all. Thank you. Socialism: Military hardware ---- Why do we need to keep building new 13 billion dollar aircraft carriers when we have 11 active carrier groups and no one else even has 3? Who are we preparing to fight? This welfare is to keep subsidizing the companies that build war machines. These companies now employ enough people to determine elections, therefore the USA is screwed. F it, I'm going riding. Fsociety, F humanity, F everything. There is no hope.
  15. Deb Tatum

    Is this a very restricted exhaust?

    Make all those holes 1/4 inch then see how she feels. Clean air in always equals the stinky air out, so a larger main jet will also be needed to keep the stinky level the same. There is no way to avoid the increase in noise so chose what you want most, or just exercise some throttle restraint in sensitive areas.