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  1. Old Fart Syndrome

    What's The Best Fuel Tank

    Tipping a bike over on its side is your reserve after your reserve runs dry. This has saved me 3 to 5 times in the last 40 years.
  2. Old Fart Syndrome

    New to Husqvarna and forum

    Switching that out between summer and winter is over an 8-hour job.
  3. Old Fart Syndrome

    New rider looking for first bike

    WR250F or the 400"s already mentioned. A competition bike takes a lot of maintenance. You need to like working on them. I think the comp 450's would work OK for a new rider in the dunes, and obviously, you won't outgrow one.
  4. Old Fart Syndrome

    CRF450L First impression....ehh

    The only way for Honda to get it approved for emissions is to ship it the way they did. They expect most people to modify it. Smaller manufacturers with less volume don't have to pass emission tests as stringent as the big Japan 4. So pick your poison; do you want a street-legal competition dirtbike or not? Except for BMW, the number of street-legal motorcycles the Europeans ship is tiny.
  5. Old Fart Syndrome

    Keep Your Cool: 10 Ways to Beat the Heat

    I have never done this on a dirtbike and it would only work in low humidity/dew point environments: Put on a couple of layers of clothes that retain as much water as possible, then put on your rain suit. Tie the ankles of the rain suit tight then fill the suit with a garden hose. When everything has absorbed as much water as possible untie the ankles. Adjust your temp with the zippers and vent openings. Leave the arms and ankles wide open for max air-flow. It feels like air-conditioning at 60 mph on an unfaired street bike. I think you would still be hot at 30 mph on a dirt bike. On touring trips, I would have to refill the rain suit every 1-2 hours when the zippers were all open.
  6. Old Fart Syndrome

    Thoughts on master pro 2 stroke oil

    I have used Sthil chain saw oil. Chain saws take a LOT OF abuse and just keep on going. Saws are also all air-cooled, which equals higher more abusive heat. It is a good oil. Loggers are dependent on quality products to make a living; they all use Sthil.
  7. Old Fart Syndrome

    My wife decided to give dirtbiking a shot, any tips?

    "extremely timid" Is a problem. I agree with the others who have addressed this. She likes the idea of riding but doesn't understand that falling over or crashing is an inevitable part of the deal. Don't spend money on this until she has taken all the classes she can. If she still shows interest get a Suzuki Van Van or TW200. These two bikes are fun to keep around even after she is ready to move up the ladder of HP and suspension. You either have the fire in the belly, or you don't. "Extremely timid" is code for no fire at all. Being blunt is always the best policy.
  8. Old Fart Syndrome

    Best tools to own with a DRZ400 or any bike?

    In the 80's I use to use the 'force' when tightening things. Now I'm old and I use a torque wrench on all this fragile, new millennium, crap. A hammer powered impact driver is also my most cherished tool.
  9. Old Fart Syndrome

    Looking back on all my upgrades, is the DRZ worth it?

    Forced myself to read this entire thread. I've read that BMW's have more warranty claims per bike than any other brand currently. The stated reason for this is because they shipped most of their production to China. Sound familiar? BMW's from the '70s and '80s were all made in Germany, had simplicity, took 45 minutes to adjust valves, and 10 minutes to change main jets on a trip. They didn't have all the unnecessary electronic BS of today and were as reliable as the sunrise. Compare this to Moto Guzzi. Still made in Italy, great attention to detail, high quality, easy to work on, beautiful, rare, and very reliable. I've had an unfulfilled fetish for Guzzis for years. The new V85 Adventure may just be the hook that catches me. Keep the DRZ, put a lowering link in the rear suspension, slide the forks up in the triple clamps for proper geometry, get the lowest seat possible, and change the sprockets for better highway cruising. Leave the girlfriend at home till she accepts riding the DRZ while you explore on a V85. For a bike with better suspension consider the new Yamaha Tenere 700.
  10. Old Fart Syndrome

    Welded oil drain plug

    Heicoil. Put red locktight on the heicoil when installing. Screw drain plug in to clean heicoil threads of locktight; remove drainplug and wipe clean. Then let heicoil dry overnight with plug removed.
  11. Old Fart Syndrome

    Bought an 07 Xr650l, Fuel Problem?

    Your mixture screw is not going to have any impact on running above 1/4 throttle. I would try a 150 main and change nothing else. You will just confuse yourself when changing more than one thing at a time. If you feel surging at WOT it is lean. Only go far enough to make sure it's lean, less than 5 miles. I'd also stick with the stock needle.
  12. Old Fart Syndrome

    4+ gallon fuel tank

    My bike has two reserves. The first is activated by flipping the petcock knob; the second is by laying the bike on its side for a few seconds. That second reserve has saved me a few times in the last 40 years.
  13. Old Fart Syndrome

    Best bike for commute?

    The V-strom is going to relegate you to forest service roads only for dirt, but it's a great ride to cross the country then explore in the mountains. DR 650 is in the middle, simple to work on, better than a KLR. DRZ will have to be regeared to hold 80 on the freeway, has a seat like a 2 by 4, is more complex than a DR650, needs a lot of modification for your application to make comfortable, but is 50 lbs lighter than a DR. I'd go with a DR650. I personally am waiting for Suzuki to come out with a 650 V-strom that has 8 plus inches of suspension, which = 2025. ARRG!
  14. Idaho. But drive to Idaho with your eyes closed or while wearing horse blinders so you don't question your decision once you get there.