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  1. Also has 16T for 650L

  2. TarzanXR650

    XR650L Counter shaft replacement parts

    It's also my understanding that the FRITZCO front sprocket can be flipped over and used going in the opposite direction to get double the life out of it. Can't do that with the OEM sprocket!!! In my opinion, it was money well spent.
  3. TarzanXR650

    XR650L Counter shaft replacement parts

    For future reference, the 650L's have a bad reputation for prematurely wearing out the splines on the counter shaft due to low contact area between the front sprocket and the counter shaft. For that reason, I've been using FRITZCO , out of TX, front sprockets that are thicker and have way more surface contact with the splines on the counter shaft. I've been very happy with their products. On this, an ounce of preventative is worth a pound of cure.
  4. TarzanXR650

    2004 ttr 225 street legal increase top speed

    Cody, I wasn't referring to your post/statement on leverage. YOU are correct in that a larger front sprocket gives the motor less leverage. I was referring to earlier statements that I've oftentimes seen on this blog. Sorry if it came off that way. Generally, when people on this post talk about changing sprockets for increased speed or increased power, they're changing one or the other sprocket, not both at the same time UNLESS they're changing both front and rear to have a final ratio other than 14 to 42. With the other sprocket remaining the same, a larger front sprocket gives you more speed and less power. A larger rear sprocket gives you less speed and more power.
  5. TarzanXR650

    2004 ttr 225 street legal increase top speed

    The general ratio on front and rear sprockets is one tooth bigger in the front gives you the same change as going 3 teeth smaller in the rear (assuming a 14T front and 42T rear). If you do both changes at the same time, you're right, you've cancelled any advantage and have gained nothing. You're incorrect about a larger front sprocket giving the motor more leverage. It's the opposite. The larger front sprocket would give YOU more leverage if YOU were trying to turn the engine over, just like a longer ratchet handle gives you more leverage when tightening or loosening a bolt. The engine has LESS leverage because it is turning a longer "lever" when it has to turn a sprocket with more teeth. Think of it this way: If you had a 13 foot pole (takes the place of a 13 tooth sprocket) with a weight on the end of it that you could barely lift off the ground with your forearm flat on a table when you grasp the pole with your palm up and twist. Do you think you could lift the same weight with a 14, 15 or even 16 foot pole (representing 14, 15 and 16 tooth sprockets)? The answer is NO. However, the converse is true if someone grabbed the other end of the pole and tried to move your wrist. Concept is the same with the engine. I've seen the same "larger front sprocket gives the engine more leverage" statement many times on this blog and it's false. It's just the opposite.
  6. TarzanXR650

    2004 ttr 225 street legal increase top speed

    Also keep in mind that the bigger bikes have more displacement, horsepower and torque. They may be able to handle a 2-3 tooth front sprocket change and still get up to max rpm. A 225 may not be able to do that unless you're on a long stretch and its going downhill!!! My 650 took the 1 tooth increase in stride pretty easily. I doubt a 225 could handle more than a 1 tooth increase without seriously lugging in the higher gears. There is such a thing as the point of diminishing returns.
  7. TarzanXR650

    2004 ttr 225 street legal increase top speed

    I had to trim the inside of the front sprocket cover on my XR650L to go from a 15T to a 16T front sprocket but that was a simple, 5 minute job. Going up by one tooth was like adding a 6th gear. I'm very happy with the mod and although I didn't need the extra top end, the bike runs about 500rpm lower at any given speed than it did prior to the switch. I'm now riding in one gear lower than I could before and getting better gas mileage too. Down side is that the bike doesn't have as much snap as it had before but I didn't need that where I ride.
  8. TarzanXR650

    Does this look right???

    I live in Louisiana near salt marshes, have an '04 Honda CRF250R which is two years older and it's in way better shape than this bike. I offered it for sale for less than the $1,700 that they're asking for this bike and haven't sold it yet. I wouldn't walk away from this, like others said, I'd run!!!
  9. Since they're stuck on there, cheap and easy fix would be to paint them black!!! Job complete!!!
  10. TarzanXR650

    All New 2019 Yamaha WR450F Announced

    I've got one of the lithium ion jump starters that I carry. It's a jump starter, backup battery, flashlight and cell phone charger all-in-one. Light and compact and has come in handy on numerous occasions. It'll also jump start a V8 truck engine and is rechargeable. I think it was around $49 at Harbor Freight when on sale and with a coupon. Very handy piece of equipment.
  11. TarzanXR650

    All New 2019 Yamaha WR450F Announced

    I'm a fan of backup starting systems. I know they're not considered Thumpers, but 4 wheelers are also meant for off road/remote use and have followed a similar path. My 1987 Honda Fourtrax 350 four wheeler has a backup kick starter located behind one of the side panels. My 1992 Honda Foreman 400 had a back up rope start (used both on numerous occasions) and my 2014 Honda 420 Rancher has no backup starter at all. Given the choice, I'd rather have one than not. Chances of having a flat tire on my truck are pretty slim, but I drive a lot easier knowing that I have a spare!!!! At 60 years old, I sure do appreciate the electric start on my XR650L. Beats the tar out of kick starting my CRF250R.
  12. TarzanXR650

    TrailTech Vapor question

    We're not saying that synthetic oils are a must, but given the alternatives, are probably a better choice. Back in the day, automobile oil changes were recommended every 3,000 miles. Some of the newer synthetics are advertising 15,000 mile intervals or up to a year without changing the oil. Synthetics hold up to high heat better than conventional oil and if they last a little longer and protect a little better, they're worth it to me. As the old adage says, "An ounce of preventative is worth a pound of cure". Five to fifteen bucks a quart is cheap insurance in my book.
  13. TarzanXR650

    TrailTech Vapor question

    I use the oil temp gauge that replaces the oil fill cap and dipstick on my XR650L. It was less than $40, is available in Centigrade or Fahrenheit, is easy to see/read and works well. Just a quick glance and you can see if the temp is climbing over whatever is "normal" for your bike. As the others stated, high quality synthetic oil is also a good investment and handles higher heat without breaking down..
  14. TarzanXR650

    Fuel Additives

    I pull the fuel line from my 2 stoke boat motors and run them dry while it's still in the water at the launch if I don't plan on running it for a while. Never had any issues doing that. Couldn't you do the same on a bike by turning off the petcock, vs draining the carb? Don't know if it makes a difference since it's a 4 stroke. That procedure has certainly served me well on 2 stroke boat motors.
  15. TarzanXR650

    Looks like I got scammed. Please read.

    Bill of sale, if you still have it, ought to have the seller's name and address on it (if he told the truth about that). Changing/forging the MCO is the alteration of a document in the commitment of a crime and is a federal offense. May ought to take it to the authorities and see if this guy has a record for having done this before. That would be proof enough that it wasn't an accident. Craigslist may still have an electronic record of the ad he posted an also have a phone number and/or email address. May be a good place to start.