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  1. crazyd

    Coolant pressure

    Soo.. why was it black ?. Also is it possible to just remove or alter the thermostat for the delete without buying anything ?.
  2. crazyd

    Kx100 very hard to start

    Flip the reeds.. if it's better great.. either way get new ones.
  3. crazyd

    Drz 400sm Front tire Help

    You stripped the nut ? *Tap a smaller (23mm,15/16) socket onto it *Grind 2 sides, use adjustable *Monkey wrench *Vise Grips * Voodoo
  4. crazyd

    Coolant pressure

    "a day after a 2 hour ride" [emoji3166]
  5. crazyd

    Coolant pressure

    Thermostat delete does seem like a good idea. I never ride below 60°.
  6. crazyd

    Coolant pressure

    UPDATE... Problem solved..(?) Drained, did a good flush , warmed it up, got the full 44 oz in, took it for a 20 minute run, removed cap 4 hours later and no explosion !. Thank you so much for all the help.
  7. crazyd

    Coolant pressure

    Well that's what Tim from Beta suggested. What the hell I'll give it a try.. thanks
  8. crazyd

    Coolant pressure

    So, bad coolant ? Really?
  9. crazyd

    Coolant pressure

    I did remove the valve from under cap.. noticed my gas got cooler. Also I dropped the o-ring in the tank.
  10. crazyd

    Coolant pressure

    Also one of the head bolts seem to be some kind of "security" bolt
  11. crazyd

    Coolant pressure

    I am a little nervous as the bike is still under warranty..
  12. crazyd

    Coolant pressure

    Sent an email to Beta USA.. this is their response.. Hello David, do me a favor and have your dealer or yourself change the coolant brand without doing anything else and let me know if the problem goes away we have seen this problem and we’re trying to narrow it down. Make sure you bleed the system by removing the bolt on top of the right hand radiator Seems they think I am their guinea pig. Haha.
  13. crazyd

    Coolant pressure

    Checked the hose.. I was able to blow through it so all is well there..
  14. crazyd

    Coolant pressure

    I've a '19 300rr. A couple of weeks ago I saw a few drops of coolant dripping from the pipe a day after a 2 hour ride. Took off the cap and it practically exploded in my face losing at least a few ounces of coolant. Called the dealer and they assured me that this was normal but I should bring it in so they could address the leak. While there the mechanic also assured me that it was normal for the coolant to be under pressure even the next day . What really gets me is that this (explosive) scenario has happened at least 3 additional times and has yet needed to be filled. Also a very slight leak (couple drops) still exists but always the next day. I've lost probably half a quart without having to put any in to fill it..Doesn't seem to run hot. Plenty of power. Coolant look and smell seems mostly normal . Can anyone shed some light on what's going on here?.
  15. crazyd

    Beta 300RR 2020 Standard

    Watched the video , seat isn't removed nor is it said how it is removed.. perhaps if you had watched the video you may have known (?)