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  1. nitrohuffer

    Cold weather pudding clutch

    Thanks! I won't feel as awkward buying either. 😨
  2. nitrohuffer

    Cold weather pudding clutch

    Mineral oil is walmart brand. LOL! Didn't know they made different weights. What should I use? Lever is clean, and adjusted properly. I think you're right with the slave piston. I'll do a rebuild on both slave and master and give it a good cleaning.
  3. nitrohuffer

    Cold weather pudding clutch

    motul 75w, Mineral oil only
  4. nitrohuffer

    Cold weather pudding clutch

    Fluid level is ok. I bled it in sept.
  5. nitrohuffer

    Cold weather pudding clutch

    Thanks for the info, i'm new to them too. It does it in the mid 40's. Did a Harescramble in November where the bike was outside all night. It got better when it warmed up. Trying to figure out if it's an indication that something is not right.
  6. Went from .65 to .2 on my 300. Slightly more bottom punch, I'm not in the upper rpm often, but didn't notice much if any drop off. Perfect for northeast technical stuff. Quite honestly I was expecting bigger change. It was kind of an experiment, but the result was not worth tearing it apart again.
  7. nitrohuffer

    Cold weather pudding clutch

    My '02 300 has fresh mineral oil, and nice clean pushrod. When it's cold if I pull in the clutch lever and let it go, it takes almost three seconds to return out. Nature of the beast, or would rebuilding the slave or master help?
  8. nitrohuffer

    2019 ktm 150 xcw. E motor quit

    this is spot on.
  9. nitrohuffer

    KTM, XCW 400 - Clutch issues

    You need to reverse bleed it. Take a syringe and push the fluid from the slave cylinder up to the master cylinder with the cap off. It's messy, but very easy. I'm sure there's videos online for tips on it.
  10. nitrohuffer

    Short race yesterday. Kickstarter jammed.

    It's an official team KTM powerparts garment fastener part #5152085000formodelyear1929andup. Can be used for scale as well.😜
  11. nitrohuffer

    Off idle consistent "bumble"

    Maybe a tad rich on pilot and needle. 2 out is about the limit before going to leaner pilot. Mine was jerkey in that range with stock carb setup until I leaned it out some. If it's doing it low in rpm range (<3000 rpm) it's not your Powervalve. Unless it was put back together wrong.
  12. nitrohuffer

    How much to pay for 300 exc

    My '02 still rips. Pretty much the same bike
  13. nitrohuffer

    How much to pay for 300 exc

    That's with a nikasil replate. I hope he's lying about the honing. You do not hone nikasil coated cylinders. Slavins videos are priceless info for ktms.
  14. nitrohuffer

    Short race yesterday. Kickstarter jammed.

    LOL! I have the same bike as you, I love this '02 and I thought it was going to be upgrade time. There's no better feeling than being on 16 year old bike and ripping past guys that are on new bikes with every mod under the sun at races. I had someone tell me "no way that things stock."
  15. nitrohuffer

    How much to pay for 300 exc

    That's a tough one. The biggest variable is how mechanically inclined you are. If you need to bring a bike to a repair shop for things, it won't be worth it. I have an 02 300 exc and have the reciept for when the previous owner had a top and bottom rebuild and it was a $2500 bill. Screw that noise, but the parts and cylinder replate alone would be almost 900.