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  1. reubenswinks

    Riding During Deer Hunting Season

    Yeah. I get that. I probably won't. I just haven't been able to ride in a few months so it sounded like a great day for it, until I realized it was deer season. There are enough unhinged people out there that I don't want to be pissing off people with guns. Haha.
  2. reubenswinks

    michigan Riding During Deer Hunting Season

    So this Friday the weather forecast shows around 45 degrees. I would love to get a last ride in before the snow starts to fly. I know I technically am allowed to ride from 11am-2pm during deer season. I am not a hunter. How much of a d-bag move is it? Anybody else planning on riding? I would probably be riding a trail like Cedar Creek or M20.
  3. reubenswinks

    What's this on my YZ250 drive chain?

    You dont need a grinder to remove those chains. If you have the chain break/riveting tool that some one else posted above it works great for pushing pins out. No grinding required.
  4. reubenswinks


    Did I understand your question wrong? Are you simply asking if it will burn the fuel and run okay with premix? If so yes, it should be fine. Or are you asking if you can eliminate the oil from the crank case. This comment made me think you were asking if you needed oil in it if you ran premix.
  5. reubenswinks


    You should go on the stihl website and take a look at how those engines work. It will become pretty clear when you compare a regular 4 stroke to those, as to why they use that method and you should not for your dirtbike.
  6. Nice. I'll have to give it a try next season. Let me know how Evart is. I have heard good things about that too. I haven't made it past the Baldwin area, so I am interested in hearing about other trails for when I decide to go on a longer trip.
  7. Looks like I gotta head a little farther north to hit up some trails in Michigan that arent whopped out. Looks like some fun riding.
  8. reubenswinks

    Low/casual dirt boots/shoes

    I also bought a pair as they were cheap and I was just getting into dirt biking. My regular motorcycle boots were not great, so I figured I would buy these cheap and replace with better quality if I get more into it. I actually really like them. I have taken quite a few hits and caught my foot on berms and they have done a great job protecting me. I don't think I will be replacing them till they are worn out or broken.
  9. reubenswinks

    89 kx250 project top end rebuild

    Yes. They would likely have to oversize it and put an insert in it. You could also try an easy-out on it.
  10. reubenswinks

    89 kx250 project top end rebuild

    I would be surprised if you didn't need to take it to a machine shop and have them drill them out. If it is flush with the cylinder I'd be surprised if you could dremel a slot into it deep enough to be effective without damaging the cylinder. If you can get a decent groove into it, it would be worth trying though. You could also try welding a nut onto the top of it.
  11. reubenswinks

    2 Stroke Therapy

    Must be an auto tracking drone? If so that thing does a pretty darn good job.
  12. reubenswinks

    2006 KX250 Milky Fluid in Stator Cover

    Alright, I will stay away from the water and run it for a bit and see if anything else accumulates. Thanks for the advice.
  13. I went to take the stator cover off my bike today to check for play in the crank. After loosening the bolts, I had a brownish fluid start to drain out. Very strange. First thought was I had a bad crank seal, but does that even make sense? I wouldn't think I would have this color fluid in my crank either. I am not losing coolant or transmission oil. I do run castor 927, but still didn't look right. I am hoping that maybe I just have a bad stator cover gasket. I recently did ride through some pretty deep puddles, and briefly paused in one with the engine running. Guess I am just curious if anyone has seen this, or if I am missing something on how that could have gotten in there. I bought the bike this year, and have put maybe 10-15 hours on it, so not sure of its history. First time I checked inside this cover. I cleaned it out and was gonna run it some more to see if anything else accumulated, but didn't want to damage anything. The crank also had zero play, so I was thinking the crank seal was unlikely.
  14. reubenswinks

    Kx 250 Jetting Database

    How many turns out are you on the air screw? I got an NECJ needle on order. Will swap that out and go to the 45 pilot. Also got a 162 main on order just in case it leans out the main a little too much. Looking forward to not having to change plugs every 3 hours.
  15. If you guys end up going to little o, it isn't that sandy. At least not when I went earlier this year. You also don't need to be plated there. I'd love to go, but I will either have a newborn baby, or my wife will be 2 days away from her due date at that point. Think she will frown on the idea of me riding dirt bikes and being a few hours away...haha. Have fun guys!