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  1. Kirk K

    Suspension settings for food delivery.

    That's how I lock it when I'm working, just waiting in the living room a few feet away, the lock has an alarm. But, it's also wrapped around the linkage in the lower suspension so you can't just take off a wheel, you have to disassemble the rear suspension, but easiest way would be cut that cheap chain. I have a hardened steel 14mm heavy equipment chain, and a better kryptonite lock. Then that little chain and alarm lock go on the cover, to sound an alarm first. I've had a few bikes stolen, and it is still possible to steal it. But it's going to take you a minute.
  2. Kirk K

    Suspension settings for food delivery.

    I work for GrubHub, Uber eats, door dash, Postmates, favor, caviar, eat24, lash and a few others, maybe order a pizza? I don't work for any pizza places I image, for the most part, my food comes out better than a car making the same trip at the same speed (I don't slow down for potholes). But I'm probably more aggressive than most drivers. I haven't had any customer complaints yet on this bike, but I've only been working with it about a month. If I could choose the vehicle when I order, I'd choose something like what I drive... With a different driver than me
  3. Kirk K

    Suspension settings for food delivery.

    I bet mounting a camera where the food sits might give me an idea of what's going on. Or mount a camera above some food and drive it. Although it might be hard to remember what was happening on the road.
  4. I deliver food with my drz400sm(GrubHub, etc...), anyone have some advice for how to set the suspension to jostle the food the least, mainly I assume the rear. The food sits out pretty far over the rear fender. I don't really care about performance when I'm delivering. Would rising while braking helpful or harmful? I really can't tell... the food rarely looks messed up, despite questionable driving choices. Oh yeah, it still needs to be able to go through a construction site now and then... Any help appreciated. Will include pic.
  5. Forgive me if this has been asked before, I did search. I was wondering if anyone has a template for the various plastic parts that can be covered with stickers. I have the ability to print custom stickers of any size, I would like to make custom graphics. I was wondering if anyone has blank Photoshop canvases of the right size and shape. Also if someone wants to create it, I'll give you a free set of whatever you design.