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  1. read through this thread for instructions and pics: http://www.thumpertalk.com/topic/32788-acerbis-42-gallon-tank/
  2. I know it's cancelled this year but I still want to check out the area. Please pm me directions, gps files, links, etc. Whatever you got. Thanks!
  3. I've had 2 FE550's, an 07 and 08. No need to worry about rings until at least 200hrs. Plan on doing cam followers and intake valves at 200hrs. No other worries, no special tools. The 550 is the best overall 4-stroke motor I've ridden. Awesome, smooth power. It's not the quick-rever that the wr or a crfx are though. Definetly more of a torque monster. I loved both of mine.
  4. ahoolsema

    Vancouver Motorcycle Show

    Heres a few pics for ya.
  5. ahoolsema

    Trailtech Eclipse X2 HID on a Sherco enduro

    Creeper, Nice write-up. Only question: did you mod your stator at all? What's the stock ouput of the Sherco?
  6. ahoolsema

    o2 husaberg dual sport

    I hate to say it but yanni's right. The older 'bergs (pre 2004) are full of problems. Unless you like to wrench, don't touch it. I had an 03 400, and it was fairly reliable, but once the hours get high expect stator failure and top end work. Also, the electric start system on the pre 04's is usless. For lots of info see www dot husaberg dot org.
  7. ahoolsema

    A Taste of BC Adventure

    The bear ran off into a heavily wooded area before my camera came out. I didn't feel like chasing it for a photo op.
  8. Ok- I did. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=688720
  9. West Harrison- Mount Currie- D'arcy- Seton Portage- Lillooet- Lytton- Boston Bar- Kookpi Pass- East Harrison. This is the route I proposed to Tomcycle as a one day ride. "Ahhh, that would be a long day" he graciously shared with me. Yeah I admit it was naively ambitious having just completed it over 2 days. So heres how it went: I organized this ride and invited my Dad, 2 good friends, and my uncle (who in turn invited a buddy from work). The plan was to meet up at the hatchery and leave 9am Sunday morning. Good 'ole uncle Clarence works the graveyard shift sunday morning and arrives an hour late, on no sleep. Off we went up West Harrison FSR, choking on dust from all the 20 mile bay yahoos. First lesson learned- don't ride popular FSR's on weekends. We made it to Tippela without incident and pushed on towards Mount Currie. As the crew had late lunch at a local eatery I zipped into Pemberton to check it out, as I had never been in the area before. I saw the set-up for the Pemberton Music Fest this weekend, the mountains will make a fabulous backdrop for a concert. After gassing up we left for D'arcy, enjoying the twisty paved road on a beautiful afternoon. We then took the Highline Road to Seton Portage. This road offered up some great view points. Seton Portage was our end point for day 1, and we rolled in around 6pm. We stayed at the Seton Portage Motel and ate Buffalo Burgers at the Highline Pub across the street. Ray and Gaby even got up early to cook us breakfast the next morning at 7am. Nice folks, good food. Here's a shot of the Seton River. Day 1 ended with a total of 280kms of mostly gravel road. As you might have guessed, good 'ole uncle was first in bed. We departed early on Day 2 and tried to take a short cut to Lillooet. In my preparation for this trip I saw a railway and powerline both follow Seton lake around to Lillooet. I thought I had read a ride report from somewhere that mentioned this "short cut" was doable. Just to be sure, i had gotten up early on day 2 and went and inspected the area. There was a decent 2 track road that followed the tracks for a few kms, so the way looked promising. Sure enough, once I had lead the crew down the road it dead-ended. Heres where i learned lesson number 2: don't ever, and i mean EVER, ride on a railway! The locals in town told us only a commuter/tourist train used the tracks, and it left Lillooet at 9:30am daily. Since it was still before 9, I figured we should follow the rail for a bit and see if the road might resume. It didn't. A near miss with a railway worker and a slap on the wrist and we turned around and booked it. After our "lesson", we took the main road outta Seton Portage over Mission Mountain. It was a blast to ride up, made me think of the Erzberg prologue runs. Once over the top we saw Carpenter lake. The road from Seton Portage to Carpenter Lake to Lillooet actually turned out to be one of my favorite parts of this ride. Pictures don't do it justice, it really is a must-see area. I am very glad our short-cut didn't work out, as we would have missed this beautiful road. Along the way we saw this: We had lunch in Lillooet, and gassed up for home. The aim of this trip was to loop Harrison Lake avoiding pavement wherever possible. With that in mind we ventured down Texas Creek Road toward Lytton. This was a fun road as well, a mixture of smooth flat blasting though pasture, and narrow and winding with a sheer 100ft plus drop-off on the east side. We decided to keep on the Westside Road from Lytton down to the Nahatlatch, and it was similar to Texas Creek Road, except it ran through a bunch of Native Reserves and wasn't maintained. We had to dodge a few bolders and washouts, but it wasn't bad. We made it to the Nahatlatch FSR and over the Koopi Pass without incident. I had ridden this area before a few weeks ago, so this time I just blasted though and let the others soak it in a little more. On the way down East Harrison I snapped this picture: Once everybody assembled in Harrison Hot Springs I hit the highway for home. Total kms from the hatchery to Harrison HS was 580kms on my odo. Made for a great 2 day trip, I highly recommend the route or parts of it. It's astounding how much spectacular scenery we have in BC, and a on a bike is the best way to see it. *sightings: one black bear and 4 cars abadoned on steep inclines. and a photo of Lillooet Lake i forgot to add: Our rides: Husaberg 550, 2 Honda CRF450X's, KTM 525EXC, Husqvarna TE510, Yamaha XT600-vintage! This report was originally posted on my local dualsport site dualsportbc (dot)com. If you want more detailed info of the area let me know. And thanks to Yanni23- I've accepted the challenge to post some reports of my own.
  10. Yeah i was hoping to stir the pot a bit with a bit of good-natured fun. So far it's been suprisingly quiet.
  11. who's the best dualsport rider ever? who rides the best dualsport terrain? who likes to talk about themselves the most? who posts the most? YANNI23
  12. Yep. The XR400 is the best dualsport ever made. No question. All those "this bike vs that bike" arguments are useless. The XR400 beats them all. Just like rock beats both paper and scissors.
  13. Yep. The XR400 is the best dualsport ever made. No question. All those "this bike vs that bike" arguments are useless. The XR400 beats them all. Just like rock beats both paper and scissors.
  14. ahoolsema

    Power Up Kit 450 vs 510

    Quick question: Are the 2008 Power up kits (Arrow muffler,lambada sensor plug,etc) the same part number for both the TE 450 and TE 510? My local dealer says he has lots of kits for the TE450 but is having a hard time getting one for a TE510.
  15. ahoolsema

    Making a Husaberg street legal?

    I have an 07 FE550- with all the OEM parts to make it street-legal. Everything hooks right up- best way to go. 08vs 07? minor differences, mostly "bling". No more reliable, same motor and tranny. If you can get an 07 with a significant discount- go for it. A Fe550 will be a great bike for your communte. I ride mine on the street alot, go great up to 70mph cruising. You can push it faster for passing, etc, but cruises nicely with stock gearing at 70mph. If you go with the berg I'll pm you the equipment list for the oem street-conversion if you like. Aaron