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  1. rungunner

    Race Tech Fork Springs

  2. rungunner

    Yamaha MX250 (1974)


    The old days !!
  3. rungunner

    Yamaha MX250 1974

    The old days !!
  4. Hello, wondering if anyone has built the front forks adding race tech or equivalent springs. They came with preload spacers and wondering if anyone has a starting point. How long of a spacer would get me started for a 200 pd rider. Also how much oil in the forks. I want to keep the bike stock and just improve it. Thanks in advance
  5. rungunner

    Honda 2002 Honda Rubicon

    02 Rubicon, Hard starting during the winter months. Changed to lighter weight oil. Hotter spark plug have used the plunger on the carb but that is a pain sticking your hand in there to start the machine. Does anyone know what jets are in this machine. What jets do you recommend? Anything I can do to make it start a little easier would be greatly appreciated.
  6. rungunner

    ticking valves

    A clappy valve is a happy valve.
  7. rungunner

    DR 400 ignition trouble

    Have you taken the carb apart and cleaned it? It sounds like the pilot jet is clogged up and the passages inside the carb. I would take the carb off and put it in a coffee can full of carb cleaner for a couple of days and then with compressed air I would blow out all the passages and make sure the pilot jet is clean and you can see through it. I use a something like a basketball needle on the end of my air hose to blow out the carb parts. Why would you think it is timing?
  8. rungunner

    2009 klr 650 which oil to use

    I now use Rotella 15w40 in all my bikes, 89 LKR 650, 2005 KTM 450, 2002 Honda rubicon. I got tired of buying different and expensive oils for my bikes. Have never had a problem. You can change the oil more often because it is so cheap at Walmarts.
  9. I have a 1989 with 20000 miles and the original spring and the adjustment arm were both original. I had to replace my water pump impeller shaft so I ordered the spring and arm to replace while I was in there. My original parts were in one piece, the spring was loose so it was a matter of time. I still do not like it though because even if I adjust it later the small spring that came with my kit is still too long therefore I assume the chain has stretched.
  10. rungunner

    Klx 650 1996 C Won't Run,need Help.

    The bike needs three things for it to run, fuel / air and spark. The spark has to be strong - you can have a spark that is weak. Look at the spark at night and it will tell you if it is weak. Just ground the spark plug and turn engine over. Carb - the jets will give you the most problems. The main and the pilot need to be clean, should be able to see through, the pilot is what you need for your idle up to 1/4 throttle. Air you do not have a bad filter. The Diaphram could be torn or not seated properly. To me this sounds like you might have a valve problem, you said that it will backfire through the carb correct? You installed new valve seals so something could be wrong there. Intake valves tighten up over time. If so the exaust valves might be way to tight not opening and letting the the gasses out. Are you sure you have the correct valve setting? If the cam lobes are worn out the valves will not open. I have not seen this on a Kawasaki before though. What exactly is your compression reading?
  11. rungunner

    1989 Klr 650

    Thanks for the information. Is that a two piece shaft. In my pictures it looks like the part I broke screws into the main shaft?
  12. rungunner

    1989 Klr 650

    After installing the ne temp sending unit the gauge still goes hot. I opened up the pump again and now I find the shaft is broken that holds the impeller on. I believe they call this shaft the forward balancer shaft. Has anyone seen this problem and does anyone know if it is a big job and also I am having a hard time finding this shaft on Ronnies Microfiche. This is getting old with almost $100.00 tied up in two sensors, a thermostat and fluids and now I have to buy this shaft.
  13. rungunner

    1989 Klr 650

    I jusr purchased the temp sensor, this has to be the problem. Thanks
  14. rungunner

    1989 Klr 650

    No I have never had the coolant lines off the bike, I have adjusted valves but that was a couple years ago. My KTM valves will get tight just from riding 4 or 5 rides but I have never seen this on the Kawasaki. I am going to check valves again since I have it apart. I have the rad off and will soak the inside for awhile to see if something is hung up in there somewhere.
  15. rungunner

    1989 Klr 650

    Yes the fan comes on, I put a switch on it to turn it on when I want. The inside of the radiator is clean. I used a prestone 50/50 antifreeze in it and have tried two2cool as well. I run Two2cool in my KTMs and that helps keep it cooler. I have not bled the ststem, I don't know where the bleed screw is, there has to be one there somewhere. I will get my book out. I never have to work on this bike other than normal maint.