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    1994 DR250SE Won't Start (PLZ HELP)

    UPDATE: Bike runs perfectly, the issue was the needle and seat for the main jet was covered in old gas residue and cleaning it out and after resetting the air/fuel mixture screw from 2 turns to 2.5 turns and the bike fired right up and ran comfortably to redline again.
  2. 94dr250se

    1994 DR250SE Won't Start (PLZ HELP)

    UPDATE: I cleaned out all the orifaces with a copper wire (22 gauge) and gum cutter and both pilot and main jets were clogged (shocker) and after cleaning them out the bike runs now and idles like a dream but once i start to rev it it cuts out at around 4k rpm, and if i give it full throttle it cuts out at any rpm, so I can only get it to rev up to 4k rpm if i give it light throttle and even doing that it eventually starts to cut out at 4k. I'm not sure if its running too lean or maybe the main jet is bad but any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks in advance
  3. 94dr250se

    1994 DR250SE Won't Start (PLZ HELP)

    This is a little long but I want to include as much info as I can to hopefully make suggested solutions a little more helpful. So I let my running '94 DR250 (with 3600 miles or 103600 miles not really sure haha) sit over the winter with gas in the tank (I know I know..) and the bike would no longer run, so I rebuilt the carb with a basic rebuild kit that included some gaskets and O rings and a new pilot jet (it did not include every single O ring, I noted some in the float that were not included, but they seemed in okay shape so I left them be). I also got a new battery and spark plug and confirmed that I'm getting a strong spark by removing the plug and cranking it. After setting the float level to factory specs and putting in some fresh fuel, the bike still wouldn't run. At first when the carb was rebuilt it would just flood the float bowl and shoot all the gas out of the overflow tube until I shut the gas off at the petcock. I've had the carb in and out about 20 times now and I can't seem to find out why the bike wont fire. I managed to solve the fuel pouring out of the overflow issue but I'm not sure exactly what I did that solved it, nothing seemed obviously wrong I just messed with the jet and its seat and it seems to be fixed in that regard. Compression is fine as the bike will start momentarily with gum cutter sprayed directly into the cylinder, so I'm convinced its not getting fuel. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!