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  1. wera247n

    xcw 300 six days map switch

    The bike came with this map switch that has 2 settings. I guess the second setting is supposed to be less aggressive. The installation was very easy but both settings 1 and 2 feel the same to me. Am I crazy?
  2. wera247n

    LHRB Question

    I love this place. Great for a relative noob like myself to get some solid advice. I think I will keep riding in the stock form and get better. Eventually I would love to have this setup.
  3. wera247n

    LHRB Question

    It will hurt about $200. ­čśÇ
  4. wera247n

    LHRB Question

    So I have ridden mountain bike my entire life and have in the last year become a dirt bike junky. I mostly trail ride with my 8 year old son. I am having difficulty being really comfortable with rear braking. I just don't have a lot of feel when using the standard foot brake. I don't know if its the boots, years of using a LHRB on a bicycle or Im lazy and just like my feet to stay where they are. So my question , is it feasible to use a lhrb the majority of time you ride? Is it difficult to maneuver your hand around the clutch and grab the brake? Im not adding a recluse, just interested in LHRB.
  5. wera247n

    18 vs 19 wr250f

    Are there any differences? My buddy is thinking about buying one and the 18 is a few grand cheaper.
  6. wera247n

    Dirtbike coach

    My son who is 8 and I have been riding for about a year. We ride in GA mostly at Durhamtown, Highland Park or Moto Mountain. He is doing good on the trails but has expressed interest in trying MX stuff. Im 45 and have no interest in MX however I want to help him. Are there coaches that can help us beginners with this?
  7. wera247n

    clutch help please

    Thank you guys. I let her warm up and had no issues.
  8. wera247n

    clutch help please

    Ok. I'm going to warm it up and ride it. I will report. Thanks for your responses.
  9. wera247n

    clutch help please

    And btw the small gasket that goes on the slave cylinder was not there. Not sure that has any bearing on my issue.
  10. wera247n

    clutch help please

    Ok, im a rookie so this could be an easy fix but who knows. I have a new xcw 300 that has 5 hours. I performed my first oil change per the manual. I rode the bike around my neighborhood right after and the bike has now been parked for a few weeks. I was going to ride yesterday, pulled in the clutch to role it out of the garage and it wouldn't role. Of course if you start it in gear with the clutch pulled in, it lurches forward. I did some research and bled the clutch even though it wasn't mushy and had pressure. I also removed the slave cover and when you pull the clutch it seems to push the piston just fine. I could take it back to the dealer however Im trying to raise my maintenance IQ. Thoughts?
  11. wera247n

    A few noob questions

    Its fuel injected
  12. I just bought a 2012 te250 which is my first dirt bike. Up until this point I have always rented but I got a great deal on this bike. I will be riding this bike on easy to intermediate trails in GA. Please help me with the following questions I have 1. This bike has a stock exhaust and the baffle has been removed. Now it sounds great when you start it but when I get off the gas it pops so much it drives me crazy. I have read that this is air getting into the exhaust because the baffle is removed. Is the correct? If so I was considering an aftermarket slip on because I do enjoy the sounds of a 4 stroke. Could you recommend a pipe that is no too crazy loud while also sounding great? 2.I need some new tires. The manual calls for 90/90x21 front and the it seems like most dirt bike tires are 80x100x21. Does this matter? I wont be riding on the street at all if this helps. Thanks for your help. Im betting I will have more questions later.
  13. wera247n

    Help Please

    Um, bubble busted. This is definitely a white and red 4 stroke which means it the Cagiva. One of the things I was looking forward to was doing some wrenching but now Im not even sure I could get parts. Now I have to do some google searching.
  14. wera247n

    Help Please

    Thanks for all the great info. A friend of a friend has a 2012 te250 for sale that Im going to check out today. Super excited
  15. wera247n

    Help Please

    Thanks for the replies. I want to zero in on the best bike for me and only buy once I hope.