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  1. dr00andrew

    YZ 250 engine build

    In my eyes it doesnt matter who rebuilds what (and lots of amateurs want all the credit), I saw it as an opportunity to get a great bike running again that i could sell for a modest profit. It was a fun side project and i get to sell the bike as I ride it. 2strokeyzdoc was pretty much spot on with how much it cost to rebuild the engine myself. The only thing I couldnt do myself was pull the old crank and then install the new one (didnt have the tool). I also gave him the cylinder and its head in addition to the split cases and simply wanted the job done right. I see videos of know it all amateur engine builder strip one down "trick it out" and forget to plug in the killswitch to the cdi box, or buy a "broken" bike for 400, spend 3k on rockymountain in parts only to discover the bike didnt run cause it had a bad ignition coil. I gotta tell you i tested the bike out at a local track today and was very satisfied with the power and the handling, all it needs to be be detailed to increase the value
  2. dr00andrew

    Suspension re-valving advice

    I have an extra set of stock forks for a 125 lying around and want to re-valve them over the winter and set them up properly for my weight and riding style. Several people on this forum have told me suspension upgrades is one of the best ways to maximize your bikes performance. I understand that adjusting the rebound and dampening adjustments need to be set up for exactly where you're riding but what companies and kits would you recommend for re-valving the suspension?
  3. dr00andrew

    YZ 250 engine build

    Yes, Im gonna have to assume that it is. Honestly other than a cooked rod, rod bearing and top end, the machine was in excellent condition. My biggest concern on used bikes is suspension and bearings. Both fork seals were in great shape and held oil and there was no play in any of the major bearings like the swingarm pivot, shock linkage, rear wheel, front wheel and steering stem bearing. I also tend to think that Yamaha makes the best machines in the world and always have. Don't quote me on this but I believe they were the first people to put a power valve on the cylinder. They come ready to race out of the box. i'm surprised they dont have a deal going with a major exhaust company because if yzs came stock with aftermarket exhaust systems, you wouldnt even need to touch the engine
  4. dr00andrew

    YZ 250 engine build

    Hahah you guys are too funny. Hey i never said it was a perfectly restored yz 250 but yes, apparently i didnt hit on everything. It was a great learning experience for me. I have always wanted to rebuild a dirt bike engine and I finally had an opportunity to do so. As it turned out, the guy did have another exhaust hanger in the bag of miscellaneous parts included in the sale, so i have it mounted right now. The bike turned out great and its actually incredible how much power these things really have. For now i'll have my fun on the 125 but hopefully in a year or 2 I can find another yz 250 someone broke and fix it up and keep it for myself next time
  5. dr00andrew

    YZ 250 engine build

    Yes the location is the key. I'm in new jersey right by the ocean and on the facebook marketplace AND craigslist, several yz 125s go for near $2000 and 250s run north of 2,000. This was a fun side project that only took a month and my time isnt very valuable right now because i have minimal responsibility. All thats changed since 2000 about yz 250s is the aluminum frame (2006) and more fuel efficient engines. This bike definitely has the raw power of brand new 2018s, just obviously not as stylish
  6. dr00andrew

    YZ 250 engine build

    i wouldnt say i half assed it lol. you just happen to have a keen eye. I disassembled the engine, had the shop rebuild the crank with new main/rod bearings, connecting rod and they even put the top end together as well. I just put back the clutch and stator side of the engine with your suggested manuals online and followed them to the t. didnt miss a bolt, loctited what i needed to and torqued every bolt to spec. I did a 110 point inspection before i rode this bike. the fork seals are good and holding oil, the spokes are tight on both rims, the front and rear brakes lock up instantly, non warped rotors and good life left on the pads. I packed the pivot and shock linkage bearings with grease, took a worn link out of the chain, lubed it up, installed new chain adjuster hardware, put new oil and coolant in the engine, cleaned out the carb jets, new spark plug, verified there were no oil/coolant leaks coming from the engine and even greased the front and rear axles. believe me i always do a thorough inspection before i ride my machines. small details like having too much slack/tension in your chain will either crack your engine case, damage your countershaft or snap your rear sprocket off the hub, ive seen this happen plenty of times. the last thing i wanted to do was get the bike running and break it on the first ride. This is also a used machine, not brand new from the factory so whoever buys it would be wise to do an inspection of their own. Just because a guy selling a bike claims he did this and that, you cant take his word on it. I bought an 02 yz 125 in the summer and took my time inspecting it before i actually went for a ride. Nothing was wrong with it and i could have ridden it the night I bought it, but you always gotta check Kids these days seem more interested in "tricking" out the bike with graphics that cost more than an engine rebuild kit anyways. It's not really about the bike anyways more on the rider. Even while sitting up on the gas tank the front end comes off the ground if you just touch the throttle, so whoever ends up with this bike should have some prior riding experience.
  7. dr00andrew

    YZ 250 engine build

    Finally got it running, thanks for the help everyone!
  8. having problems with the proper idle??? after setting the float height correctly and cleaning out the jets check out this video on how to set your idle correctly before even starting the bike. this should work for any 2 stroke machine you own! all you have to do is make sure the venturi (carb slide) is properly resting on your idle screw and you can get your machine to idle until it runs out of gas
  9. dr00andrew

    YZ 250 engine build

    Hello all just have a couple simple questions about an 01 YZ 250 I have recently stumbled upon. found a nice used one for 700 dollars and the reason it was so cheap was a blown motor. everything else on the bike is fine and i feel as if my 125 has plenty of power for me. I am in the process of re-building the engine with a budget in mind because i believe i would only need to spend a few hundred dollars on engine parts and i should be able to sell the bike for the price its actually worth. All the bike needs is a new top end and a connecting rod bearing, now heres my question to you. Whats the best way to build it? Should i get the cylinder machined if the damage is that bad or do i try finding a used one from a part out/ebay etc.? Same thing goes for the crank, is it better to have a machine shop rebuild it or just order a new one? Just keep in mind that i just want this bike to run properly. The bearings and seals are all good and I'm just going to clean them out (if they get dirty) and make sure I lube them up good for re-assembly. Years ago my uncles engine case in his blaster cracked and the bearings/seals were all re-used in the new one and 7 years later the quad still runs fine, so I'm not putting new ones in unless I have to. Heres the damage to the cylinder
  10. dr00andrew

    What mods are actually worth putting on?

    hey guys, not to be a smart ass but i am asking for your opinion. remember i am a newb to tt, so i dont know these things. im 24 and have never owned or even ridden a dirtbike until july 2018, i have been riding quads my entire life and finally pulled the trigger on a dirtbike. it came loaded with a TON of aftermarket parts and i set the sag for my weight (155) and just ride it recreationally. i feel pretty good on it, but dont wanna embarass myself at the local track. I have never ridden it anyhwere but my property. i would like to enter a beginner class race and see where id place in it. i mean check out my youtube channel and see. I feel like once i get comfortable jumping the bike, i can enter a race and finish in the top 5 and/or win the holeshot. this is my 3rd weekend riding the bike and it doesnt even have 10 hrs of seat time on it and several other people have ridden it besides me. i feel the bike is dialed in, now its up to me to improve as a rider, correct?
  11. dr00andrew

    What mods are actually worth putting on?

    i dont see any reason to spend 400 on an aftermarket clutch kit either
  12. dr00andrew

    What mods are actually worth putting on?

    thanks for the feedback guys. dont worry the bike runs awesome! great compression and it may even still be the original piston. i usually only put a few hrs per weekend on it anyways. it has great compression and all the internal engine parts are fine! i do wanna take the swingwarm off and inspect the bearings and repack them. the bike really is in excellent shape and i dont really think it needs any more modifications.
  13. dr00andrew

    What mods are actually worth putting on?

    sorry i'm a newbie and you have the silver membership. how would i go about doing that lol?
  14. the bike is an 02 yz 125 and it came with quite a bit of stuff on it. Not that i'm going to go out and spend extra $ on them but what else is even worth it? I still have a ways to go before i even consider racing, but I'd like to know whats worth spending $ on. not changing: frame, cylinder head, piston bore size, O-ring chain/sprocket(i hate aluminum wear items) aftermarket parts included when bought: bars/levers/grips/shifter/foot-pegs, full fmf exhaust, v force 3 reeds (may just buy a stock cage and put boyesen reeds on though) honestly outside of possibly installing and fmf power-up jet kit and replacing the stock clutch, i dont see what else this bike needs. yamaha already has inverted forks stock (and i have an extra pair of those too) and i like the rear shock. do i really need to spend $ on an aftermarket clutch kit?? is it worth it to buy it or do i just hope that staying close enough behind the guy in front of me will cause him to make mistakes and then i pass him?
  15. dr00andrew

    02 YZ 125 front caliper not pumping fluid

    eh probably not. the story is this dude used to own it in cali AND take it to work everyday, it was barely ridden and the rear tire was very worn out. The story is the guy from cali brought it back to us, sold it to a rando guy who i bought it from. i mean it had a title and ran like the kid said it did, so I'm happy with it. Can pm you the VIN # if i can find it