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  1. I should have included in my original post that all I've done to the engine so far is to install a Uni air filter, remove the snorkel and rejet the carb per Dave's Carb Mods. It seems to start and run better since.
  2. I’ve been thinking about replacing the stock exhaust system on my XR650L with something aftermarket, but I’m not sure which way to go, or how far to go. I’ve read that a full system (aftermarket header and muffler) primarily benefits mid-range to top end power. In my case, while increased mid-range and top end would be appreciated, mostly for those paved sections to get me from one fire road to the next, I wouldn’t want to sacrifice the bottom end to mid range, which, honestly speaking, is mostly where I ride the bike when I’m on unpaved roads. I’ve always had the idea in the back of my head, without any real factual basis, that just installing an aftermarket slip-on muffler on a stock header system is a halfway measure without any real performance benefit, and that the “right” way to do it is to replace entire exhaust system, including the header, but maybe that isn’t correct, especially if it compromises the lower portion of the power band where my bike is mostly ridden. Would installing a full system like the FMF Powerbomb header and Powercore 4 muffler actually decrease low end to mid range power?
  3. I had an incident while riding solo last weekend that ended OK but got me thinking that maybe I should carry some sort of rope & pulley recovery system in case I need help the next time getting the bike up and out. I've been looking online to see what's available, and so far I've found the Motorcycle Recovery System @ BestRest, and the Z-Drag Recovery System by Green Chili Adventure Gear. Links are below. Both pack up into medium-sized bags and weight roughly the same. The BestRest system uses good-quality climbing rope, carabiners and pulleys, but requires a lot of knot tying to get it set up, and th Green Chili system uses flat nylon webbing, carabiners and fittings with rollers instead of pulleys, and is pretty much ready to go when you pull it out of its storage bag. From what I can tell from the respective demonstration videos, the Green Chili system looks simpler to set up. Just wondering if anyone out there has had any experience with either of these two systems, or anything else that could be used in a similar way. https://greenchileadv.com/products/gcag-z-drag-recovery-system https://bestrestproducts.com/shop/recovery-gear-mrs-system/motorcycle-recovery-system-mrs/
  4. davisjj

    Aftermarket fuel mixture screw fitment?

    Sure wish I could. No luck so far.
  5. davisjj

    Aftermarket fuel mixture screw fitment?

    Yes, I could, but the stock screw is deeply recessed and really hard to get to when the carb is on the bike. The aftermarket ones I've seen are longer and have a large knob that extends below the carb body and are a lot easier to get to. Unfortunately it looks like neither of the ones I've found so far will fit.
  6. Does anyone know which, if any, of the aftermarket fuel mixture screws like either the Tusk or Works Connection ones below will work with the stock Keihn carb on my 2018 XR650L? I have the carb off and I'd like to replace the stock fuel mixture screw while I have it on the bench so that the screw will be easier to get to when the carb is on the bike. https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/1151/13581/Tusk-Fuel-Mixture-Screw?idd1=13581&idd2=1151 https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/1151/55488/Works-Connection-Fuel-Mixture-Screw-Assembly?s=1122354&v=15013
  7. davisjj

    Is this the airbox snorkel?

    Thanks. Just wanted to make sure before I start yanking things out. Doesn't look like what I expected a snorkel to look like . . .😁
  8. A lot of posts talk about removing the airbox snorkel, but I'm not sure exactly what it is. Is this it in the attached photo?
  9. davisjj

    How do I raise the needle

    Mid-range is where I want to try richening the mixture. Thanks.
  10. How do I raise the needle position to richen the mixture? The needle doesn't have a circlip to change position.
  11. I want to install handlebar risers on my XR650L so it'll be a little more comfortable for riding while standing on the pegs, but I don't know if there is enough slack in the stock clutch, brake, and throttle cables to allow me to raise the bars. The risers I want to use only raise the bars a little over an inch, but I'd rather not get into replacing cables at this point if I can avoid it. Is there enough slack in the stock cables to allow me to raise the bars 1"?
  12. It's about time to replace my OEM air filter, and I want to get an aftermarket filter like a K&N, Uni, Twin Air, etc., but I'm wondering if I'll have to go down that rabbit hole of carburetor adjustments if I use anything other than the OEM filter.
  13. Thanks. That is exactly what I'm looking for. Ordered it today.
  14. I’d like to replace the OEM tail light & license plate holder on my XR650L with something cleaner. Any suggestions?
  15. davisjj

    What size spoke wrench?

    What size spoke wrench do I need for the front and rear wheels of my XR650L?